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Dear Parents and Community,


The AP and IB exams begin three weeks from today! These tests, which are
both generated and graded by outside organizations, are college level
examinations, which can result in college level credit.  However, in order
to qualify, the tests must be administered properly and that includes having
a sufficient number of proctors.  Offering these demanding classes to our
students is a community effort.  We need your help.


We are asking all parents or guardians of students taking either an AP or an
IB test(s) to please volunteer to proctor either an AP or IB test(s) other
than ones their own children are taking.  Proctoring is not difficult.  Each
test has a paid administrator.  Volunteer proctors pass out tests, collect
tests, issue bathroom passes and are on site should we be audited-which we
were 3 years ago! The commitment is for a morning or an afternoon.  I have
put in approximate times in the schedule below.  I will confirm the exact
time and location in a confirmation email after you let me know which exams
you can do.


Finally, the number of proctors in the AP exams might increase as I receive
information on the number of extended time students. If you end up in an
extended time slot, please note, only the students' time is extended, the
proctor will be relieved at the end of the morning session or the end of the
regular test in the afternoon.


Please look over the schedule below and let me know which exams you can
proctor.  I'll respond to each and every one of you. Thank you as always for
your continued support.


Lisa Sibony

Outreach and Volunteers

Berkeley High School


Monday, May 4: 

AP Chemistry 7:20 to noon (4 proctors +1 for extended time)

IB English (6 Proctors)  7:30 -11:00

IB Economics (3 Proctors)  11:30-2:00

IB Latin (2 Proctors) 1:30-3:00

AP Environmental Science 7:20 to noon (5 proctors+1 ET 1.5 hours)  


Tuesday, May 5:  

AP Calculus AB and BC 7:20 to noon (4 proctors)

IB Economics (3 Proctors) 8:00-11:00

IB Latin (2 Proctors) 8:30-11:30

IB English (6 Proctors) 11:30-2:30

AP Chinese noon to 4 p.m. (1 proctor)


Wednesday, May 6: 

AP English Literature 7:20 to noon (4 proctors +1 ET 1.5 hours))

IB Bio (3 Proctors) 8:00-12:30


Thursday, May 7: 

AP Computer Science 7:30 to noon (1 proctor)

AP Spanish Language 7:15 to 2 p.m. (4 proctors + 1ET 1.5 hours) 

This one takes a long time because each student has to record the speaking

IB Bio (3 Proctors) 11:30-1:30

AP Art History noon - 4 p.m. (1 proctor)


Friday, May 8: 

AP US History 7:20 - noon (4 proctors + 1 ET 1.5 hours))

IB Mandarin HL/SL (1 Proctor) 11:30-2:00


Monday, May 11: 

AP Biology 7:20 - noon (2 proctors)

IB Mandarin HL/SL (1 Proctor   8:30-11:00

AP Music Theory 7:20 - 12 noon,  (2 proctors) One may report later  

AP Physics C noon - 4 p.m. ( 2 proctors)


Tuesday, May 12: 

AP US Government 7:20 -12noon (3 proctors +1 ET 1.5 hours))

IB Math HL/SL/Studies (5 Proctors) 8:00-11:30

AP French Language noon - 4 p.m. (1 proctor)

AP Spanish Lit   noon - 4 p.m. ( 1 proctor)

IB Spanish HL/SL (4 Proctors) 12:30-3:00


Wednesday, May 13: 

AP English Language 7:15 to 12noon (8 proctors + 1 ET 1.5 hours) There are
260 students expected at this exam!

IB Spanish HL/SL (4 Proctors) 8:00-10:30 

IB Math HL/SL/Studies (5 Proctors)  11:30-3:00

AP Statistics noon - 4 p.m. (3 proctors + 1 ET 1.5 hours)


Thursday, May 14:

IB History HL (6 Proctors)  8:30-11:00

IB Chem SL (1 Proctor) 11:30-3

AP Macroeconomics noon - 4 p.m. (3 proctors +1 ET 1.5 hours) 


Friday, May 15: 

IB Chem (1 Proctor) 8:30-10:30

IB History HL (6 Proctors)  11:30-2:00


Monday, 18 May

IB History HL (6 Proctors 8:00-12:00

IB French HL/SL (2 Proctors) 12:00-2:30


Tuesday, 19 May

IB French HL/SL (2 Proctors) 8:30-11:00

IB Comp Sci HL/SL (2 Proctors) 11:30-3:00


Wednesday, 20 May

IB Comp Sci HL/SL (2 Proctors) 8:00-11:30

IB Anthro (3 Proctors) 12:30-2:30


Thursday, 21 May

IB Anthro (3 Proctors), 8:00-11:00

IB Enviro Sys (4 Proctors)  11:30-1:30

IB Math HL (2 Proctors)  1:00-3:00


Friday, 22 May

IB Enviro (4 Proctors) 8:00-11:00

IB Music SL/HL (1 Proctor)  8:30-12:00



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