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Mon Aug 29 15:32:53 PDT 2011

PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Janet Huseby, jhuseby at pacbell.net

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, first day of school) starting at 7:45 a.m. we need volunteers to pass out schedules in the food court in front of the counseling office.  If you can help, please come to the front desk first to sign in and get a  badge.

We will be handing out schedules to students who have not yet picked up their schedules; students who have already lost their schedule; and, students who put in a change of schedule request form.  Please note, not all the changes will have been implemented.  Students who find their schedule is unchanged, should follow the schedule that they do not like.  A runner will deliver the new schedule or a request from the counselor for a meeting. We will need runners all day Tuesday and for the rest of the week.

If you can help, either early Tuesday, Tuesday during the day, or the rest of the week Please do not park in the Teachers' Lots.  Your car will be towed as we do not even have enough space for the current staff.  I am sorry.  (Don't forget the city-run Free Bike parking just north of Starbucks on Shattuck!) 

Thank you for your help!

Janet Huseby
BHS Volunteer Coordinator
jhuseby at pacbell.net

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