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Early Friday morning Berkeley High's day custodian Dinesh Kumar and his family were victims of an attempted burglary/home invasion at their house in Richmond.

Dinesh was shot multiple times. His mother, who moved here from Fiji just recently, was shot and killed. Dinesh's wife and children were home but were physically unharmed. Dinesh has been stabilized and is expected to fully recover. 

Our plan at the moment is to have folks who would like to contribute to a support fund for the family (who will no doubt be incurring regular day to day costs as well as unexpected funeral expenses and travel needs from Fiji) write checks payable to Berkeley High School with a clear note on the check indicating DK SUPPORT FUND. We will make collections through Friday, and then write a single check to the family at the end of this week. Even 5 or 10 dollars could help considerably. Please give your checks to Bobbye Reed in the Registrar's Office.

As to the criminal investigation, we know only what Richmond P.D. has reported to the media, that a suspect is in custody and a second "person of interest" is being sought.

This was an astonishingly brutal act committed against a nice, hardworking, and tight-knit family. Our love, prayers, and positive energy should flow their way as they deal with the shock, loss, pain and grief that have been imposed upon them.



Pasquale Scuderi,
Principal Berkeley High School

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