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The Berkeley Athletic Fund is an all volunteer, non-profit
organization that has been supporting and raising funds for BHS
Athletics since 1984.  BHS has over 1000 student athletes
participating in 28 different sports.  For more details, see our
website at www.BerkeleyAthleticFund.org

As with each volunteer group at BHS, we need to replenish our
volunteers each year.  This year we have many graduating senior
parents and we need more parents to help continue our efforts.  

Please let me know how you can help.  Here is a list of our upcoming

1. Treasurer - we have had one person filling this position, but could
have 2 people share the responsibilities.  Requires 3-4 hours per
month.  Includes depositing and writing checks and maintaining the

2. BHS Wearables Coordinator - yep, those PJ bottoms and other BHS
wearables need another person to guide their future.  It is totally
open to the new person how to run this project in the future. 4-5
hours per month at most.

3. Parking Lot Coordinator - BHS teams staffing the BHS parking lot on
Friday and Saturday nights as well as football weekends.  The
Coordinator processes the team requests and gives teams information on
how to run the lot.  1-2 hours per month, mostly by email.

4. Graphic Designer - Pretty up the documents for BAF including the
fall fund raising letters and Hall of Fame promotion material.  3-4
hours every 4 months.

Thank you in advance for helping out.

Mary Kay Murlas

Mary Kay (MK) Murlas

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