[BHS etree] BSEP: Agenda for next BSEP Meeting Feb. 5

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Wed Jan 30 11:03:26 PST 2008

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The next BSEP meeting for the BHS BSEP site committee will be held on
Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008 in Bldg. D. This meeting is shorter than usual
since Feb. 5 is also election day.  

Berkeley High School - BSEP 

Meeting Agenda

DATE:      Tuesday February 5, 2008

LOCATION:  BHS D-Bldg. (Administration Bldg.) Conference Room 

TIME:      5:00-6:05 PM

Chair:     Allen King  (allenk at mindspring.com
<mailto:allenk at mindspring.com> ) 510-501-3307


5:00   1. Members and alternates sign in            
       2. Establish quorum: 8 voting members including 2 staff, 2
students and 2 parents
       3. Introductions
       4. Approval of minutes from last meeting
       5. Approval of Agenda-Additions/Changes

5:05   Public Comment            

5:10   Chair Report
       Future Activities Schedule: Feb. 29-Pick up Proposal Binder
from Belinda, Mar. 4, Mar.18

5:15   Presentation & Discussion of Program Evaluation using Rubric
for meeting WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) goals.
(Jaimie Knight)

5:50   Update on Program Evaluation-Team reports

5:55   P&O Committee Report

6:00   SGC Report            

6:05   End of meeting

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