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Dear Berkeley High Community,

August and September were impressive months for volunteers -- at least 156
members of our community contributed hundreds of hours to help launch the
2019-20 school year.

As of today, we have 3209 students enrolled at Berkeley High.  Welcoming
and registering this many students, distributing textbooks, handing out
schedules, photo ID cards, and organizers is a massive job.  It could not
have been completed without volunteers helping with registration week,
delivering schedule changes the first week of school, and assisting the
Attendance Office with the annual census.  We also had a great turn out of
volunteers helping with our All-School Welcome Assembly.

None of this would be possible without our Etree moderators -- Nicole Chee,
Jenny Fosket, and Chaghig Walker -- who volunteer behind the scenes, 7 days
a week, to get information to you in a timely and thoughtful manner.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who took time out of their day to
help over the last 4 weeks.  Many of you covered more than one shift.  It
was truly gratifying to see how many people showed up to help.  Not only
parents, but also current students volunteered their time to make sure the
process was orderly and efficient.  I have tried to include the names of
everyone who helped, please forgive me if I missed you, and do let me know.

*Orientation/Registration Week: * Alexis Wachtel, Alicia Klein, Alyssa
Hammond, Aska Wieloch-Kim, Bob Gunier, Cecile Giraud, Chelsea Toller, Devra
Nelson, Ellen Rigsby, Eric Esler, Forrest Pitts, Fran Rizzardi, Harue,
Jamaica Simmons, Diane Halberg, Christina Campobasso, Dana Holtzman, Ruth
Hezchias, Kristen Policy, Eva Klein, Sanjani Varkey, Shelly Lynch, Sharon
Rupe, Kleigh Hathaway, Laura Walker, Holli Nixon, Jane VanGinkel, Janelle
Adams, Jay Shaw, Jeannie Witkin, Jennifer Chan, Jenny Fosket, Jess Hilton,
Jim Leung, Jin Young, Jo Burrows, Jo Ford, Joan Bell, Joan Kiang, Josh
Langenthal, Kate Mountain, Kim Thompson, Kimberly Leon Guerrero, Kleigh
Hathaway, Kunxin Luo, Lara Hornbeck, Laura Leaverton, Leah Redwood, Lilian
Autler, Liz Ruhland, Lynna Tsou, Margo Lowe, Marian Bradley-Kohr, Matt
Livermore, Maureen Sullivan, Mia Masia, Michele Voilleque, Michelle Nicol,
Milena Montano Escobar, Myra Paci, Nazila Duran, Nicole “Nikki” Garcia,
Nicole Chee, Paul Bellman, Pia Navales, Rachel Anderson, Rhea Briones-Shaw,
Rosa Gonzalez, Rueytsu Huang, Ruth Hezchias, Sabina Aurilio,  Cynthia
Gerlinger, Michael Lewis, Janelle Adams Vincenta Seymour, Sue Boswell,
Teresa Provenzano, Mark Fiedler, MJ Baumann, Leia Ambra, Sabrina Hurley,
Sandra Hudson, Sarah Kansa, Scott Kessler, Scott Sparling, Sheri
Prud’homme, Sue Boswall, Susan Andres, Susan Storch, Susan Wengrofsky,
Suzanne Alberga, Tania Balazs, Tanyung Barnes, Teresa Provenzano, Todd
Forbush, Vincenta Seymour (4 shifts!), and Whitney Morris.

*Change of schedule runners and first day of school:*  Arezoo Fakouri,
Elena Pecot- Zuniga, Kimberly Dooley, Lisa Maloof, Shannon Mc Cune, and
Todd Forbush

*Attendance runners:*  Amy Mueller, Doug Fontaine, Fran Rizzardi, Haia
Sophia,Holly Howard, Joyce Dorado, Karyn Newman, Laura Leaverton, Liz
Ruhland, Maxine Kennedy, Michael Lewis, Monique Does, Rachael Friedman, and
Sandra Hudson.

*August 29 All-School Welcome Assembly:*  Arezoo Fakouri, Beth Schoenfeld,
Cathryn Houghton, Jin Young, Leah Redwood, Merl Ross, Tania Balazs.

In addition, we have 54 Front Desk Volunteers who come in to help at the
front desk every week.  We will acknowledge them by name later this year.

Again, a sincere THANK YOU on behalf of the entire Admin team -- to all of
you for being enthusiastic and ready to help where ever needed.  What a
strong community we have at Berkeley High.



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