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*Seniors:  First Step Award Application is Open Now: Due 5/10/19 by 3 PM*

The Berkeley High School Development Group (BHSDG) raises funds to enhance
academic  projects for all high school students and to strengthen their
educational experience.  One initiative includes bridge funding to college
bound students whose FAFSA/ Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) for college
is determined to be $1,000 or less.  The donors of BHSDG want to support
students in a successful transition to higher education.  Thank you to the
BHSDG and its donors!

*The First Step Award* is available to any qualifying student who has
enrolled at an accredited four year college (or community college college
for eligible Dream Act students) and shows EFC from $0-$1,000.  You may use
this grant for deposits for housing, orientation, travel, books, or
anything else related to college expenses.

Complete the attached application with supporting documents of college
acceptance letter or email and FAFSA/EFC  by May 10, 2019.   The
application must be approved and signed by a counselor or advisor.  Please
submit application to the CCC.

Checks will be written by BHSDG to eligible students and distributed to
students at the Senior Awards event on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 6:30 PM in
the Little Theater.

*In summary, here is what you need for First Step Award by 5/10/19 by 3 PM:*

   1. *Application (in attachment or in CCC and Counseling Offices)*
   2. *Counselor checks off EFC in FAFSA summary of $0-$1,000*
   3. *Proof of college enrollment at 4 year or community college for Dream
   Act students*

BHSDG website:  http://bhsdg.org/wp/

 2019 First Step Award Application FINAL (1).pdf


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