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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact pewaivers at berkeley.net<mailto:pewaivers at berkeley.net>

Final Reminder for Summer 2018 Waivers:

Your signed and competed yellow portions of the Summer PE Waiver is due Friday, Sept 14, 2018. No exceptions will be made for missed deadlines.

Fall 2018 PE WAIVERS

Waiver Process
1. Fill out Parts 1 & 2 of the waiver.
2. Have your coach fill out part 3 only--do not have them fill out part 4 yet. Have your coach write the letter.
Letter Requirements:
a. MUST be on letterhead
b. Your name and the date
c. Your coach's contact information
d. Assurance that you are meeting state physical standards and competencies through the activity
e. The specific number of hours you will be doing the activity - minimum of 60
f. The coach/director who writes and signs the letter MUST also sign the waiver in the beginning of the semester & at the end. Remember all coach signatures must be by the same coach.
3. Must provide proof of registration and/or billing statement from the organization where you plan to complete your PE credits requirement. The registration must be current to the fall of 2018 and must have the student's name showing he/she is registered.
4. Bring your proof and waiver to the Counseling Office no later than Friday, October 5, 2018. We will give you back your yellow copy. Do not lose it, you will not be provided another copy.
5. Once you have completed your hours, have the same coach sign the yellow copy of the waiver (part 4). Bring the waiver to the counseling office by Friday, January 11, 2019.
6. Remember, your activity must:
·Be a structured athletic program, or a competitive (state-sponsored) team sport.
·Include at least five hours of structured activities per week -- at least 60 hours for the semester.

* At present, the Berkeley YMCA is the only gym with a BHS PE waiver. If your student is participating in a BHS Athletic Team (ie: LAX, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, etc.) they will receive automatic credit for their participation on the team. If you are wondering about credits for a BHS Athletic Team, please contact the office of the Athletic Director at athleticdirector at berkeley.net<mailto:athleticdirector at berkeley.net>

The YMCA P.E. waiver program is an alternative high school P.E. program designed to help students develop lifelong fitness habits and earn P.E. credits for school. Students are required to complete a total of 60-80 hours (or as dictated by their school) to earn credits toward their PE requirement. Students take group exercise classes, teen fitness classes, work out independently, maintain a booklet and meet with the program director three times during the program.


1. Attend 1 YMCA PE Waiver Orientation (mandatory) 2. Become a YMCA Teen Member 3. Register in person or online!

Orientation Dates: September 14, 21, 28

Location: Downtown Berkeley Y

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Registration Opens: September 17

Program Cost: $30

SPACE IS LIMITED! Only 200 spots available. Financial Assistance Available. Monthly membership rate is not included in program cost. Participants from previous semesters Fall 2015-Summer 2018 are exempt from the orientation. MORE INFO: Jocelyn Leche at 665-3234, jleche at ymca-cba.org<mailto:jleche at ymca-cba.org>.

7. Questions? Stop by the counseling office or email: pewaivers at berkeley.net<mailto:pewaivers at berkeley.net>


PE Waiver Team
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