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Dear Parents,

The BIHS Junior Class Leadership Team thanks you so much for 
contributions to our sock, umbrella, and winter gear drive for Homeless 
students at BHS. It is thanks to your support and generous donations 
that all 200 students at our school were able to get gear to aid them in 
this past harsh winter. Because of the tremendous outpouring of gifts 
from you all, we were also able to raise enough gear for all 500 high 
school homeless students in the district and some elementary and middle 
school students. We thank you so much for making this drive such a huge 
success and for coming to many students' aid.


Patricia Adaya, Melissa Marquez, Emily Beckman, Anisa Brown, Arik 
Talmon, William Moscato

BIHS Junior Class Leadership Team

A message from the homeless student coordinator at BHS:

Because of your support and kindness efforts, you ensured that the 
homeless were given the extra things that were needed for the winter. It 
was much appreciated. Parents are under so much stress and often times 
don't think about the little things like extra socks for rainy days and 
umbrellas to shield from the rain. Because of the hard work of so many 
people, the students were able to have a safe place to go to receive a 
few of these extras supplies that were provided. Not only was this gift 
appreciated by our youth here on campus, but we were able to serve the 
children in the elementary and middle schools.Thank you!

Sophina Jones, M.S, PPSC
Counselor, Families Living in Transition


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