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*Serve a Valuable Civic Role on the*

*Berkeley Measure I Citizens' Construction Oversight Committee*



The Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) seeks Berkeley residents 
interested in serving on a key committee charged with ensuring proper 
use of the local taxes approved by Berkeley’s generous voters for school 

The Committee, commonly known as the Construction Bond Oversight 
is entrusted with the important, independent watchdog role of monitoring 
and reporting on the expenditures of Measure I -- a $210 million bond 
measure for construction, facility upgrades and school safety -- that 
was approved by 77% of Berkeley voters in 2010. While Measure I is the 
Committee’s chief focus, the Committee also is requested to review and 
report on expenditures of bond funds remaining from Measure A of 1992 
and Measure AA of 2000.

Such a committee is required by state law and also serves the vital 
function of ensuring that Berkeley taxpayer dollars are spent in 
accordance with the language of the bond measure.

The Committee consists of seven members and has a goal of meeting 
approximately once a month. Members are appointed by the School Board 
for two-year terms and serve as volunteers. Bylaws for the Committee 
(known also as the Measure I Citizens’ Construction Oversight Committee) 
may be viewed on the BUSD website 

State law requires that the Committee membership include the following:

1./One member shall be active in a business organization representing 
the business community within the district./

2./One member shall be active in a senior citizens’ organization./

3./One member shall be active in a bona fide taxpayers’ organization./

4./One member shall be the parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the 

5./One member shall be both a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in 
the district and active in a parent-teacher organization, such as the 
parent teacher association or school site council./

*Please note*that any individual member can fulfill more than one of the 
above requirements, and that Berkeley residents who do not fit into any 
of the above categories are eligible to serve as “At Large” members.

Those interested in applying are asked to fill out and submit this 
application <https://goo.gl/m3VAUz>as soon as possible. Instructions are 
included on the application form.

For questions, please contact Chanita Stevenson in the BUSD Facilities 
Department: chanitastevenson at berkeley.net 
<mailto:chanitastevenson at berkeley.net>, 510-644-6066 


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