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Announcements are put together in the BHS Main Office, by Felicia 
Phillips feliciaphillips at berkeley.net 
<mailto:feliciaphillips at berkeley.net>. For those of you who do not hear 
the announcements where you are during second period, or if you would 
like to read them each day, you can find them in 
the Daily Bulletin section of Powerschool.

*Berkeley High School Bulletin for Friday, January 20, 2017*

There were special student announcements made today before periods 1, 2 
and 3. Below those messages please find today's Student Bulletin.

*_1st Period_**- Emara Shabir (senior, Academic Choice)*
Hi, my name is Emara Shabir, I’m a senior in AC and the Treasurer of 
Muslim Student Association.
Today this the day where Muslims in America will face the possibility of 
registering themselves to the government.
Today might be the day where mosques will be attacked and women will 
have their hijabs ripped off by those who think today is a day of victory.
Today my brothers will try changing their name to avoid the increase of 
airport security
Today I feel ashamed to be an American
Today I wonder how did I let him win? Why did they vote? How did this happen
Today I am a mix of confusion and pain
Today the word how does not leave my tongue, it stay in my head and how…

Yet, this was not me, this was not in my plan, this was not what senior 
year was going to bring to me
Yet, here is it

I will not be silenced by hate
I will not steep low and call others names
I will not be brought down

The day where I will make my voice heard
I will chant and demand for equal protection under the law
I will march and cry and spread as much love as I can give

And the day after today
And the week after today
And the next four years after today
I will keep fighting for my rights, and yours.

*_2nd Period_ - Maya Raiford-Cohen (senior, BIHS & Angela 
Paraiso-Arroyo, senior - BIHS)*

Hello all. Thank you for coming to school today and choosing to be an 
engaged member of your community. This is not normal and student 
conversation and activism are key in remembering that. We wanted to 
offer you five small reminders to take with you throughout the day.

Listen. Everyone has different emotions and opinions surrounding the 
election and today’s inauguration. Regardless of which candidate you 
supported we are asking you to be respectful of other people's feelings 
and beliefs.

Eat. Drink water. Take a shower. Make sure you’re taking care of 
yourself, physically and mentally. For those choosing to participate in 
protests today and throughout the next week, this is especially 
valuable. Activism can be draining.

For those feeling emotional, know that you are not alone. At a school of 
over 3000, understand there are people are here to support you, from 
your teachers, to your classmates, to the security guards and 

Don’t feel obligated to make a choice between your academics and your 
activism. Social change and education should work in conjunction, rather 
than at odds.

Above all else, participate. Whether that be in a walkout, the 
activities Mr. V is coordinating at lunch in the C gallery, or in 
classroom conversations. We request that you continue to stay engaged 
and aware.

Angelo and I were amazed with the results of the walkout on November 
9th. Your willingness to listen to each other's voices and stand as a 
united community is a fundamental part of our democratic process and a 
necessary step in moving forward into the next four years. Thank you and 
good luck.

*_3rd Period_ - Rebeca Torres*
Hello my name is Rebeca Torres. I am a senior in BIHS . I'm co-president 

I'm a ghost within myself. I been afraid for several years to have my 
voice heard. I travel in a world in which I have to realize I'm not in a 
dream, but in reality. The words "Not Our President" travels around my 
mind and won't fade away. I can't process the idea that we have a 
president who is sexist, racist, and xenophobic. My brothers and sisters 
are in pain.  I don't have the ability to fix their pain. I won't hold 
my voice anymore, and I must be the voice of others. This country has 
been set up for people like me to have obstacles in the way. We have had 
to work twice or even three times as hard to be successful.

I have a lot to do for my community in order to advocate for those who 
don’t have a voice, I’m going to fight for justice, equality, and 
respect for all ethnicities. My ancestors fought in movements and put 
time and effort in order to make a change in this country. I will always 
remember what Cesar Chavez said, “Once social change begins, it cannot 
be reversed. You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. 
You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the 
people who are not oppressed anymore.

*_Berkeley High School Bulletin_**for Friday, January 20, 2017*


*REMINDER: Hall Pass Policy*
As previously announced, the administrative and safety teams are 
increasing enforcement of the existing hall pass policy. All students 
who are out of class during instructional time must have a valid pass 
from an adult. Students who are out of class without a hall pass will be 
escorted back to class by an administrator and/or safety staff member 
AND will earn a lunch detention that will be served on campus in the 

Students who fail to report for lunch detention or who repeatedly cut 
class may receive additional lunch detentions, loss of other privileges, 
a mandatory parent meeting, and possible further consequences. Students 
who improve their attendance will receive positive recognition. 
Remember: when you miss class, you miss out on opportunities to learn, 
so make sure you're in class on time and at all times, ready to learn!
*Introducing the You Are My Other Me Club*
A new student club has formed to bring together students from the BHS 
Newcomer program, who are recent immigrants to the United States, with 
other students on campus. The You Are My Other Me club will build 
community through games and activities. Only together and through common 
experience can we fight for our civil rights. The club will meet on 
Wednesdays at lunch in Ms. Taylor's room, C-206. Join the club to have 
fun while working together.
*Saturday School*
The second Saturday School of 2017 is coming up this Saturday, January 
21. If you have unverified (UNV) absences that need to be cleared from 
the month of December, come to the attendance office to sign up before 
school, during lunch, or after school. Up to 30 students can sign up on 
a first-come, first-served basis. Saturday School can clear up to 6 UNV 
absences, and meets in room H-207 from 9 am – 12 pm. Students must bring 
a snack, homework or final exam review materials, and a signed Saturday 
School contract.

Don't forget, students: If you have more than 30 unverified period 
absences, you will not be able to attend the Winter Wonderland Dance or 
Prom. And athletes: If you have more than 15 unverified period absences, 
you can practice but you will not be able to play in games. In addition 
to attending Saturday School, students can also clear unverified 
absences by attending after school tutoring in the CCC or athletes' 
tutoring in the J Building.
*Socks & Umbrella Drive for Homeless Students*
The BIHS Junior Class Leadership Team is extending its socks and 
umbrella drive for homeless students at Berkeley High until Friday, 
February 10. Please bring new socks and new umbrellas to collection 
boxes in the C Building Gallery or in the breezeway of the G/H 
buildings. Thank you for your continued support!
*Blood Drive - February 8*
Rain Drop, Drop Top, come drop your blood off at the next blood drive on 
Wednesday, February 8, in the East Gallery. Sign up on the Senior Steps 
on Thursday and Friday of this week and Monday and Tuesday of Finals 
Week. You must be at least 16 years old to sign up.
*College & Career Center Announcements*
Interested in the United States Marines? US Marines recruiting personnel 
will be in the CCC, D-221, on Wednesday, January 18, 2017, during lunch.

Sophomores and juniors who took the PSAT in October may view their 
scores online using their College Board account. The online score report 
includes a link to free SAT practice through Khan Academy, 
recommendations for Advanced Placement courses, and career exploration 
ideas via Roadtrip Nation. Students may also pick up the paper copy of 
the PSAT results from the College & Career Center (CCC) in D-221 
starting on Wednesday, January 18 before school or during lunch only. 
Students must present their BHS student ID to receive their PSAT results.

Seniors: you and your parents are invited to attend the annual Cash for 
College & FAFSA Workshop on Tuesday, January 24. Light refreshments will 
be served from 5:30 until 6:00, and the workshop begins at 6:00. If you 
have not completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or 
FAFSA, then this event is for you! BHS College Advisors and 
representatives from the East Bay Consortium will provide hands-on help. 
Check your student Email for details on what you need to bring to the 


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