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Hello Berkeley High Community!

For the last few months the Sophomore Class Leadership Team along, with much of ASB Leadership, has worked to bring about an event called the Make-A-Wish Gathering. Although based on the famous Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Gathering has no affiliation with the organization. The Make-A-Wish Gathering strives to promote unity by extending the opportunity for every student at Berkeley High to have their wish come true. Beginning March 16, 2016 every second period ambassador will be distributing star cutouts. On the star you will be granted the chance to wish for something that will better the Berkeley High Community or something that willhelp benefit someone else.

So far, students have wished for things such as prom tickets, longer lunch, food deliveries, cleaner facilities, more access to the gym and weight room or even having music playing during passing period. It has been a enlightening experience to see what the student body wants to see improved at BHS.

Once you have cast your wish, all wishes will be reviewed by the Make-A-Wish committee. The Make-A-Wish Committee is a collaboration of both teachers and staff who will review them. Wishes will then be chosen based on feasibility and affordability. Wish Granting will commence the week of the Gathering on April 18th, 2016, with smaller wishes being presented to students in class. On April 22, 2016 the entire school will gather in the Community Theatre to hear some of the larger wishes granted. This will be a fun event with performances, speakers, and much more.

The Make-A-Wish Gathering cannot happen without your efforts though. Each class has a goal of raising $1,500 with a total of $6000 for the entire school. This money will be used to fund the wishes and ultimately go towards the betterment of our community and campus. Visit Generosity.com page for more info: http://igg.me/at/ps-oZ0EzEIU

We hope you take the time to consider what you changes you would like to see in the Berkeley High Community.

Thank You,
Genevieve Saldanha
Simelia Rogers
Sophomore Class Team

Check out the promo video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqG8WkYyINw

John Villavicencio
Director of Student Activities
Berkeley High School
(510) 644 - 8990<tel:%28510%29%20644%20-%208990>
johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net<mailto:johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net>

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