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PLEASE do not reply to this message, contact Parent Resource Center,

Berkeley High School's second semester Open House will be *Thursday,
February 4th at 7:00 pm*. Parents and guardians will be following their
child's schedule as they meet teachers for ten-minute information sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you on our campus! We especially encourage you
to attend if your students are taking new classes this semester or if your
students have a new teacher for their current classes.

You will want to be sitting in your child’s first-period class by 7 pm
because the presentations will start punctually. After a ten-minute
presentation the bell will ring and parents will have six minutes to travel
to the next period.

Please bring your child’s class schedule with you so you know which classes
to visit.  You can ask your son/daughter to write the schedule for you the
old fashioned way, with pen and paper, or you can go online and print it
out from PowerSchool. To log into PowerSchool portal, go to
http://ps.berkeley.net/public/   and enter …

USERNAME: *firstnamelastname **(of student, not the parent)*

PASSWORD:  *Berkeleystudentid#*

*For example, if your daughter’s name is Mary Smith and her ID number is
2423555, enter the following:*

*USERNAME: marysmith*

*PASSWORD:  Berkeley2423555*

If you do not have your child’s schedule when you arrive, stop by the Food
Court and we can print one for you.  Even if you do not need a schedule,
drop by the Food Court before or after visits to classes because there you
will find PowerSchool help, get assistance with lunch applications, meet
representatives from the Health Center, Athletics and clubs, the parent
resource center, and more.

Our campus is close to BART and several city bus lines.  If you are
planning on driving, give yourself plenty of time to find parking, which
can be a challenge on Open House Nights.  We look forward to seeing you on
the 4th!

If you have any questions about any of the above, you can call the Parent
Resource Center at 510.644.8524.


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