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Dear Berkeley High Community:

August and September were AMAZING months for volunteers -- close to 200
members of our community contributed hundreds of hours to help launch the
2015-16 school year.

As of today we have 1547 boys and 1580 girls enrolled at Berkeley High for
a total of 3127. Registering this many students, distributing textbooks,
handing out schedules, selling organizers and collecting forms is a massive
job.  It could not have been completed without the volunteers helping with
registration week, delivering schedule changes the first week of school,
assisting the Attendance Office with the annual census, and volunteering
last week at our All-School Assembly.  In addition, we have 52 volunteers
who come in to help at the front desk every week! None of this would be
possible without our etree moderators -- Marguerite, Catherine and Dylan,
who work behind the scenes, 7 days a week, to get information to you in a
timely and thoughtful manner.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers who took time out of their day
to help over the last 5 weeks. It was truly gratifying to see how many
people showed up to help. Not only parents, but grandparents, younger
siblings, alumni and current students volunteered their time to make sure
the process was orderly and efficient.  I have tried to include the names
of everyone who helped, please forgive me if I missed you!

*Registration*: Diane La Rue Mouser, Rene Kvidahl,  Nannette Erdtmann,
Elaine Chan, Dawn Trygstad, Ken Treiger, CJ Johansen,  Fernanda Manriquez,
Carol Lopez, Becky Drogin, Matt Harray, Rosa Orozco,  Katie Whitty, Barbara
Coleman, Locke Jaeger, Sam Arriola,  Austine Warren  Irma Leyandre, Susilpa
Lakireddy, Catherine Schulz, Laurie Tezza, Elizabeth Tolero, OShanna Grant,
Laurel Coates, Jill Legg, Tina Woolsey,  Siobhan Smith, Judy Halawalt,
Kimberly Franklin,  Catherine Ference, Miriam Wiese, Laura Morland,  Katrina
Leathers, Elisa Ding,  Bridgette Anderson, Abby Eaton, Elena Condes, Susie
Zukor, Julie Weitz,  Franklin Crim,   Robin Claire, Lucia Sayre, Mary
Cazden, Sharon Foster Rupe,  Polly Lockman, Eunice Pardes, Lee,  Dawn
Morris,Candy Rupp, Johanna Eigen, Diana Yovino-Young, Debbie Gilman, Dawn
Morris, Donna Graves,  Liz Rico,  Helena Brykarz, Cynthia Scheinberg, Susan
Storch, Bret Wallan, Clare Woakes, Eva Herzer, Shana Rocklin,  Jean
Fichtenkort, Carol Niehus, Sutapa Ghosal, Annie Banbury  Laurel Coates   Rosa
Luevano, Lynn Haug,   Caryn Dickman, Abby Eaton, Cathy Blankespoor,  Sanjani
Varkey, Cristin Costell, Beth Trachtenberg, Kristi Holmes, Sandy Niemann,  Lisa
Gessow, Rosa Luevano, Dana Welsh, Carolyn  West, Sherry Katz, Edna Roque,
Emmanuelle Schwarz, Elizabeth Ross,  Wiz Wells,  Kathleen Morris, Connie
Harvey, Sunny Givens,Johanna Eigen, Susilpa Lakireddy,  ReCheng Tsang,
Henrike Yama, and Marguerite Fa-Kaji.

*First Week of School and Attendance Runners*,
Sharan Ikeda, Deb Lewis, Hayley Sloan, Clare Woake, Ngina Pacely, Elizabeth
Bremner, Clare Woakes, Michael Baum, Elizabeth Wells, Kim Franklin, Carol
Niehus, Doug Stimpson, Kathleen Morris, Johanna Eigen, Rene Kvidahl, Sam
Arriola , Bethany Schoenfeld, Sandra Hudson, Yoko Yoshikawa, Robin Packel,
Laura Morland , Nicole Wong, Indigo Ggoslow, Shana Rocklin and Ayelet

*Welcome Assembly*
Irmgard Walter Koch, Clare Woakes, Tina Woolsey, Cathy Blankespoor, Joanna
Ward, Ed Valenzuela, Kathleen Morris, Elena Condes, Sally McLaughlin, Gay
Pelletier, Jonathan Spalter, Uma Thomas

*Again a sincere THANK YOU *--  for being enthusiastic and ready to help
where ever needed. What an amazing community we have at Berkeley High.
Thanks to all of you we have had a wonderfully smooth start to the year.

Lisa Sibony
Outreach and Volunteers
Berkeley High School


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