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SENIORS: Class of 2016
Welcome back to school! The staff in the College & Career Center (CCC) in D-221 is excited to support you this year as you plan for college or work.

The advisors for 2015-2016 are:
* Angela Price (BIHS and AC for last names L-Z)
* Holly Przybyla (AHA, AMPS, CAS, and AC last names A-K).
* Our former advisor, Skyler Barton, has moved to Berkeley City College and we wish him well.

Senior Profile Due 9/11/15: If you need a letter of recommendation from a counselor and teachers for applications to colleges or scholarships, complete the profile on-line at the link you received in your folder in May or June or in your student e-mail. Link will be resent soon if you cannot find it.

College Essay Readers: Berkeley High's College Essay Readers are a group of professional writers and editors committed to helping BHS seniors shine through their personal statements. Readers will be available in the College Career Center on a first come, first served basis to help students brainstorm, write and revise their essays at lunch and after school.
Janet Huseby will start at 9:00 AM on Monday, 9/14/15. Check this site for future schedules and other essay readers:


Use the following resources for detailed information about the college application process:

1.    Red Handbook, "Berkeley High School College Information for the Senior Year". If you did not receive your copy in your Junior English class, pick up copy in CCC, D-221.

2.    Berkeley High School website: http://bhs.berkeleyschools.net/

3.    College & Career Center web page at Berkeley High website:http://bhs.berkeleyschools.net/resources/college-career-center/

4.    College & Career Calendar: Check out the calendar for college visits at this site:


You will get 10 excused absences to meet college admissions directors with your teacher's permission.

5.    E-tree Notices: Subscribe at: bhs-request at lmi.net<mailto:bhs-request at lmi.net> with one word only in subject line: subscribe

No computer at home? No problem! Use the computers in the CCC or library to check your e-mail and the e-tree.

The college advisors will present more information to seniors in their classes soon and will distribute folders full of information about college applications. Stay tuned and stay informed.

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