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Dear Parents and Guardians,


I want to say hello and wish you a relaxing and fun summer. I hope your
daughters and sons are resting up for what will be an exciting school year! 


As the new principal of Berkeley High School, I am eager to become
acquainted with our students, teachers, parents and guardians. I have a lot
to learn about Berkeley High School and the Berkeley Community and I ask
that you're patient with me as I ramp up. I assure you that I am a good
learner and that I bring knowledge and experience with me in my tenth year
of school leadership.


Based on the limited information I have about this massive and complex
school community, I envision a school with a positive and caring culture,
which will serve as the foundation for rigorous and engaging learning
experiences for our students.


My charge is to ensure our students are prepared to do well in college,
career and in life. As a parent of young children, I believe it is also my
charge to ensure we prepare students to do good in life and for the world.
Our wonderful world--despite its beauty and richness--has some pretty
intense challenges on the horizon and our high school students and future
graduates will inherit these problems to solve. Doing good is vital, in my
humble opinion


I look forward to learning about our strengths and areas of improvement at
Berkeley High School and I can't wait to meet our students, parents and
guardians! Our first parent engagement for the 15/16 school year is a Meet
And Greet with the BHS administration on Thursday, August 27th, 5:30 - 7:00
PM, in the BHS library. I hope you can come and look forward to meeting you.


Finally, please be sure to check out the school registration link here:




Warmest Regards and Go Jackets!

Sam Pasarow



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