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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Tamara Friedman 
tamarafriedman at berkeley.net <mailto:tamarafriedman at berkeley.net>

We are continuing our work with the Constructed Response effort to get 
kids reading more informational texts and writing expository essays.

In the fall, during the first weeks of school, English teachers across 
the school targeted writing instruction along with strategies for close 
reading.  In October over 1,6000 freshman and sophomores read articles 
and wrote argumentative essays. Subsequently, ALL BHS teachers scored 
student essays and talked about student work.  All of this efforts have 
contributed to a sense of collaboration around making sure that we 
provide academic rigor to all of our students.

In November, we repeated the efforts through our History courses.

In March, we repeated the efforts through our Science courses. 
Constructed Response is a critical piece in our school wide transition 
to the Common Core State Standards and we'd love your support in making 
it happen!!

Thanks so much to the parent volunteers who have worked in the past to 
make this effort possible.  We had several volunteers help with 
organizing and distributing materials across the school in October and 
November.  We couldn't have done it without you.

Now, we're approaching "round 4" of Constructed Response through our ELA 
English Post Assessment through classes and we'll need your help again!

We'll need volunteers this *_Thursday, April 23, anytime between 8:30 - 
11:30, in C323_* to organize the materials for our fourth and final 
Constructed Response effort of the year.

Please email tamarafriedman at berkeley.net 
<mailto:tamarafriedman at berkeley.net> if you are able to help.


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