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Dear Students,

Congratulations on finishing the first semester.  It's time for all of 
us to take a deep breath and reset for the second half.

Because we care about your safety and success, we want you to know about 
some points of emphasis for the spring:

  * _Get to class on time._ We will be conducting tardy sweeps and
    multiple tardies will result in: 1) Calls home, 2) Loss of
    privileges to attend games and dances, and 3) Lost participation
    time in class potentially resulting in lower grades.
  * _Stay in class the whole period._ Teachers will not give passes the
    first or last ten minutes of class. If you are moving through the
    hall, you must have a pass.
  * _Cell phone use is allowed only before school, at lunch, and after
    school._ Safety staff will ask you to put away your phones in the
    hallways during passing period. If it is an emergency, request to go
    to OCI to use your phone.
  * _Keep yourself and others safe by not riding your skateboard,
    scooter, or bike on campus._ We have warned many of you repeatedly
    and, starting this Tuesday, If safety staff sees it, they will
    confiscate your ride and your parent or guardian will have to pick
    it up from OCI.
  * _Honor yourself and your peers by using respectful language on
    campus and in the classroom_.

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individual account in Career Locker, an online career exploration 
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To establish a new account:

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 3. Type in the registration code: bhc-c252
 4. Create a user name and password
 5. Answer the registration questions and verify your registration.

We know student life can be stressful and it is normal to feel 
overwhelmed about any number of issues. If you need immediate support, 
you can reach out to a trusted adult on campus, get support from your 
counselor or OCI, or get connected to health services at our on campus 
health center 

You are the most important people on this campus and we want you all to 
be happy, safe, and reach your highest potential.  Let's work together 
to have a successful second semester.

Take care,

Ms. Glenchur


Kristin Glenchur

Principal, Berkeley High School


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