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Berkeley High School Site Council, January 20, 2014, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Community Theatre Gallery, Berkeley High School


To access the meeting, enter the courtyard of the Berkeley High campus and,
from the courtyard, go up the brick steps to the lobby of the Berkeley
Community Theatre.  ADA access is available on the east side of the theatre.


Public Comment:

Ten minutes are set aside at each meeting for members of the BHS community
to give comments to the School Site Council. If time runs out, further
comments in writing may be sent to the SSC Chair or Secretary
(maryjacobs at berkeley.net). The records of the SSC are available on the BHS
website at


Working Agreements:

assume positive intent * respect your colleagues' time * be an active
thinking partner focusing on the improvement and continued success for all
of our students * stay focused on the agenda and outcomes * park tangential
issues to address at a later time


4:00     Beginning Business Items

 - SSC Members sign in 

             - Approve 1.6.15 minutes

             - Approve agenda 

             - Establish quorum

             - Review meeting protocol - select process observer and


4:10     Public Comments


4:20     SSC Member Opening Comments


4:35     BSEP Liaison Report


4:40     Principal Report


4:50     EIA Carryover Proposal


5:00     School Site Plan Review of Process

-       Rationale for highlighted items from WASC/SPSA Plan 

-       Review of Bylaws page 23 - option for approval with caveats

-       Review of format for developing input on the School Site Plan for


5:20     Recommendation of 2014-15 School Site Plan to Board

-       Discussion of caveats

-       Round Robin comments

-       Vote


5:40     For the Good of the Order


-       Meeting Calendar and Topics


6:00     Adjournment



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