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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact BHS PE Waivers
pewaivers at berkeley.net 


Spring Waivers:

The Attendance Office will begin distributing Spring PE Waiver forms on
Tuesday January 20, 2015. First portion of the waiver process is due back to
the attendance office no later than Friday February 6, 2015. NO exceptions
will be made for missed deadlines. 


Other Important Information:

1. Students who choose the YMCA to receive 5 PE credits do not have to worry
about deadlines or picking up a PE Waiver. The YMCA handles and monitors
students' credits on their end. Upon completion of their mandated hours, the
YMCA turns in a final list to the attendance office for credit. For more
information about the YMCA program, please contact Minx Manuel directly at
mmanuel at ymca-cba.org 


2. If your student is enrolled in a sports program where 20+ BHS students
are also enrolled, the organization may complete a group waiver on behalf of
the students. If you're interested in facilitating a group waiver on behalf
of BHS students, please stop by the attendance office for more information. 


3. P.E. Waivers can only be picked up and dropped off at the attendance
office. We are not responsible for lost waivers if they are dropped off
elsewhere (ie: the front office, mail room, counselor, etc). P.E. waivers
need to be properly processed by the attendance staff. 


**Please refer to the auto reply for more information regarding the PE
Waiver process** 


If you have any questions please email pewaivers at berkeley.net or stop by the
Attendance Office.



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