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Dear Berkeley Community,

Thank you to everyone that has signed up to volunteer and have already 
contributed to the 3,000 pounds of food and money that we have collected 
over the last two weeks. Here is another reminder about the 
annual Holiday Meal as well as the food and toiletry drive that is 
currently taking place at BHS. Collection Bins are located at the 
leadership office and the front desk. WE HAVE ADDED BACKPACKS TO THE 
LIST OF TOILETRY ITEMS after receiving a request from a local church. 
The following video link shows the magnitude and impact of the meal, if 
you have not been a part of it before.


*Holiday Meal 2014*: Chief of Service Julia Rosenberg is organizing 
the Holiday Meal committee to prepare for this amazing event where 
300-400 meals are served.  Friday Dec. 12 4 - 8 is cooking/set-up. Sat. 
Dec. 13 is when the meal takes place from 1 - 3 pm.

Have your student sign up in the Leadership Office. More information can 
be found at that time.

*Food Drive* What we are most in need of is pre-cooked hams or turkeys, 
potato or
yam-based dishes, green salads or vegetable dishes, and canned/packaged
foods such as tuna, soups or pastas.

Monetary donations are also a huge help will help us buy basics such as
butter, sugar, flour, foil and other food to round out our meal. They
will also help us cover decorations and entertainment to make this not
only a belly filling, but heartwarming experience for those that attend.

These donations are tax deductible and a letter of receipt with the 
school tax ID number will be given upon request. They can be mailed to:

Berkeley High School
ATTN: John Villavicencio
1980 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

*Toiletry and blanket drive* from November 1st to November 26th and 
encourage anyone to donate. Our names are Nicole Tan and Tamar Baumer 
and we are members of the Homeless Support Club at Berkeley High.With 
the winter season on it's way we want to help the homeless community 
stay warm. We plan to give donations to homeless students here at 
Berkeley High and give the remainders out during the Berkeley 
High Holiday Meal. We will have bins for donations placed throughout 
Berkeley High including near the front office and in the C Gallery. We 
are asking people to donate new or gently used blankets and new 
toiletries including:

  * Backpacks!!!
  * toothbrushes/toothpaste
  * blankets
  * soap
  * shampoo/conditioner
  * feminine hygiene products
  * mouthwash
  * deodorant
  * floss
  * Kleenex packs
  * disposable razors
  * shaving cream
  * lotion
  * combs
  * Q-tips

Thank you so much for considering a contribution or for volunteering at 
the event. Have a great day!


John Villavicencio
Director of Student Activities
Berkeley High School
(510) 644 - 8990
johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net <mailto:johnvillavicencio at berkeley.net>



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