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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Mary Dougherty
marydougherty at berkeley.net 


Welcome back BAO!


Karen and Mary will send you a weekly email with the weekly schedule,
homework assignments, upcoming concerts and parent meetings, awesome YouTube
videos and all the BAO news that's fit to print.



Please let us know if you have a different email you'd rather we use, as
this is the best way for us to keep you updated. If you're receiving this
through the BHS E-tree please send us your email, as we will stop emailing
the E-tree next week.



We will ONLY send these emails to your @ <http://students.berkeley.net>
students.berkeley.net address because of inevitable bugs in the google doc
sharing process, but we can help you set up forwarding to your preferred



YES we will be there Wednesday 0º. But only to check out instruments,
lockers etc for anyone who couldn't attend BAO Orientation. We will see ALL
OF YOU on Thursday. See the full weekly schedule by clicking on the link


edit?usp=drive_web> 14-15 BAO 8:27-29.pdf


BAO Parent Meeting

Wednesday, Sept 3, 7pm in A201

We will discuss the upcoming year for all of BAO, then move into LA tour
info, Caz and FUNDRAISING.


Did you miss BAO Orientation?

There's still hope - below are all the forms you need to get set up for the
beginning of BAO


Instrument Loan Form -- remember to get it signed!

edit?usp=drive_web> 14-15 Loan Form EnglishSpanish.pdf


Order a T-Shirt 

Do it online on the
ormkey=dGMzMXoyTnFvQ09IY25kZjdONGJ1dXc6MA#gid=0> T-Shirt Order Form


BAO Parent/Guardian Letter

Please read the letter linked below. We ask you to please

*  discuss BAO expectations with your musician and sign

*  indicate the ways that your family can support BAO

*  for our entire 1º class, and our returning 0º upperclassmen indicate your
intent to travel with us on our March 29th tour to LA

We ask your musician to return the signed page by Sept. 5th for their first
Service Project.

edit?usp=drive_web> 14-15 BAO Parent letter.pdf


Things You Need To Know (to get an A in Band and Orchestra)

aka "the syllabus". Please read below.

BDCJRoQvLkebUr-op2E/edit?usp=drive_web> TYNTK 14-15 Fall.docx


Musician Info Form

BAO musicians - please fill this out
ormkey=dGR0cmhBaC1KeTJtcUFBY29sR25xekE6MA#gid=0> here by September 5th for a
service project.


Caz Jumpstart

Yes! We are taking all 1º and returning upperclassmen in 0º who intend to go
on tour on a 2 day jumpstart September 14-15. Please read details in the
link below and look for paperwork at Friday's Orientation or in your email.

KF1RydFrqj2nvTrOONU/edit?usp=drive_web> 14-15 BAO Cazadero Jumpstart cover


Are you a BAO parent reading this?

If your musician is new to checking their BUSD email the following info can
help them out. We will be sending a weekly email to all BAO musicians and
parents with info and schedules, so having access to an @
<http://students.berkeley.net/> students.berkeley.net account is vital to
your musician's success in BAO.

vCXw9HWpJNur9RFo1Ck/edit?usp=drive_web> help accessing berkeley.net


Thanks – Karen & Mary


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