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Dear Families of New-to-BUSD students,


Reminder that registration begins tomorrow for Non-BUSD students.  



Parents/Guardians of non-BUSD students who wish to attend Berkeley High
School (BHS) must come to the Berkeley Unified School District Admissions
Office, 2020 Bonar Street, between February 18 and 21 to be admitted to the
District before officially registering at Berkeley High School.  


Please bring the following documentation/information on the day assigned by
last name below:


1. Student's original birth certificate (we will make a copy)


2. Three original proofs of Berkeley residency

. The three proofs of Berkeley residency must be current originals (less
than two months old), imprinted with the parent/guardian's name and have the
same address.  

3. Proof of immunization from health care provider


4. Transcript from current school or latest report card


5.  BHS Registration Packet

. The registration packet is available to be picked up at the Berkeley High
School front desk.  You may also pick up a copy at the Admissions Office
when you come to enroll your student.  Please plan to spend 30 to 45 minutes
completing the BHS Registration Packet.  (You will also need to bring
contact information for doctors, dentist and emergency contact information.)


In addition, here are links to the registration forms:




In order to minimize wait times, we advise new families to adhere to the
following schedule:


Last Names: Please come to Admissions on.


A-F:     Tuesday, Feb. 18    8:00 - 12 or 12:45 - 3:00

G-L:     Wednesday, Feb. 19   8:00 - 12 or 12:45 - 2:30 (Please note this
earlier closing time)

M-S:    Thursday, Feb. 20    8:00 - 12 or 12:45 - 3:00

T-Z:     Friday, Feb. 21    8:00 - 12 or 12:45 - 3:00


If you are unable to make your assigned day we will accommodate you during
that week; however, adherence to the schedule will help us manage the volume
of students we must process and allow us to serve all families in a more
efficient manner.


The enrollment deadline for Berkeley High School to participate in the first
learning community assignment lottery is February 24.


Whether you are already enrolled in a BUSD middle school or are a non-BUSD
student enrolling in the district in February, you will enter the BHS
lottery at the same time. As long as new families are enrolled in the
District by the February 2014 deadline, you will be given the same priority
in the BHS lottery.


Enrollment is complete when you receive an enrollment receipt and have
submitted a completed BHS registration packet.


For more info please see:



Lisa Sibony

Outreach and Volunteers

Berkeley High School



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