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Parents and guardians: if you have not already done so, please complete and
return a free/reduced lunch application to BHS. Recently we passed out forms
to students for whose families we do not have an application on file.
Because of the huge financial impact it can have on our school's funding, we
are asking all families to participate in this drive, regardless of income.
Please give completed form to your son/daughter to return to 2nd period
teacher as soon as possible.


How will the free/reduced drive affect our funding? With increased
participation, BHS could receive tens of thousands of dollars from the
government. Berkeley High is eligible for increased funding under the new
Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). LCFF is groundbreaking legislation
that not only increases the funding that all of our students receive from
the state, but additionally recognizes the challenges of teaching low
income, foster youth and English learners and provides schools with the
funding to build programs at the local level to meet the needs of these
students. The state will grant $1,748, per student in additional funding for
programs specifically targeted for these youth. At present, a significant
number of BHS students are not enrolled in free or reduced lunch, the
process by which a student is classified as low income. The state has given
us until March 1st to increase the number of our students enrolled in free
or reduced lunch and be eligible for the funding we are entitled to. The
only way we can be sure that we have reached all eligible students is by
asking all families to apply. It only takes a few minutes of your time to
fill out the application -- and if everybody does it, our school stands to
benefit greatly. If you are unwilling to fill out an application, we ask
that at least you return an opt-out form, which was attached to all the
forms we sent home.


Thank you!



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