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November 19, 2013



Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Berkeley Unified School District receives Title III funding from the 
federal government to help English learners to speak, read, and write in 
English and to achieve in reading and mathematics. School districts and 
other agencies that receive Title III funds are reviewed each year, as 
required under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, to see if 
they meet the three Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) for 
their English learners:

 1. Progress in learning English
 2. Progress in the percentage of students who become proficient in English
 3. Academic targets in English-language arts and mathematics

For the 2012-13 school year, the Berkeley Unified School District met 
AMAOs 1 and 2, but did not meet AMAO 3: /Academic targets in 
English-language arts and mathematics/. English Learners as a whole did 
not achieve Proficient or above in English Language Arts and Mathematics 
on the California Standards Test (CST). For more information about the 
2012-13 AMAOs please see the California Department of Education webpage 

If you would like more information about how your child is performing on 
these targets, or for more information on the educational program to 
help English learners become English proficient and meet academic goals, 
please contact your child's teacher or school principal.


Christina Faulkner

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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