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Hey BHS students! Do you like to test your limits? Are you ready for a 
challenge? Are you interested in the BHS crew team but feel you missed 
your chance this Fall? It's not too late!

The *men's and women's novice (first year) crew squads still have a few 
spots available* for dedicated newcomers. No experience necessary; we'll 
train you in all the elements.

Rowing uses all your muscle groups while delivering a low-impact, 
top-level aerobic workout. It's no wonder rowers are some of the fittest 
athletes in the world!. The BHS crew team is the oldest (and only) 
public high school rowing team west of the Mississippi, with a record of 
regional and national championship medals stretching back to 1967.

Come by one of our land practices at BHS (at the bleachers building; 
boys on Mondays and Fridays; girls on Tuesdays and Wednesdays), to meet 
the coaches and the team, and learn a little more about the sport.

Make new friends, be part of a close-knit, winning team, and discover 
the athlete within you through the incredible, high-performance world of 
competitive rowing!  We'll see you there!

Questions: e-mail team director Gulliver Scott 
(mailto:gulliver.scott at gmail.com) or novice coordinator Chris Hall 
(mailto:crewwhatwho at gmail.com)

Chris Hall

C O M M U N I C A T I O N S   C O X S W A I N

CrewWhatWho at gmail.com <mailto:CrewWhatWho at gmail.com>


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