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I received a number of questions about the Berkeley Book of College 
Essays and current essay readers as I sold the book at BHS during two 
recent evening events.  Below are answers.  Also, at the end is a plea 
for a volunteer publicist to help get the word out and increase sales.

1. *Who wrote the essays?*. The essays in the book were all written by 
Berkeley High seniors and collected after they were accepted at college. 
  The students gave their permission allowing us to use their essay.  In 
exchange, all profits from the book go to the Berkeley High School 
College and Career Center.  We asked for contributions on the etree and 
through the Jacket, but most of the essays came on the recommendation of 
college essay readers, college counselors, and BHS teachers.

2. *Cost*:  The book costs $15, cash or check made out to BHSDG.  For 
discounted bulk sales, please contact Janet Huseby jan at smuseby.net 
<mailto:jan at smuseby.net>

3. *This is the third edition of the Essay Book*.  The first edition, 
2006, called True Admissions,  was self published with a grant from the 
Berkeley High School Development Group.  The second edition in 2007 was 
picked up by Stonebridge Press and Cody's Books as the first and only 
one of a projected Cody's Book's series.  The third edition, 2013, has 
been published by The Berkeley High School Development Group.

4. *Differences between the 2nd and third editions*.  We added 20 essays 
and removed approximately 30 including all except one of the very short 
essays as these are no longer required by the common app. The section on 
prompts was updated to reflect changes in the UC application and the 
  Common App. We also updated the bios for each essay writer.

5.*Where to buy*. The Berkeley Book of College Essays is on sale locally 
at Berkeley High School from Mary Jacobs in the College and Career 
Center and Lisa Sibony in the Front Office; from Mrs. Dalloway's on 
College Ave.  or online at 
(http://shop.mrsdalloways.com/product/berkeley-book-college-essays) , 
Pegasus on Solano, and Books, Inc. on 4th Street.  Books may also be 
purchased on Amazon.com <http://Amazon.com> although the profit margin 
for BHS is very small when you purchase the book from Amazon.

7.*College Essay readers* are available in the College and Career Center 
before school, after school, and during lunch every day except Friday 
afternoon.  Students do not have to sign up ahead of time; the readers 
work with students on as first come first served basis.  Half of the 
essay readers are professional writers. The rest are private college 
counselors, lawyers, or other professionals.  Most of the readers have 
been working with BHS students for many years. They understand what 
makes a good college essay.  Mary Jacobs in the college center has 
copies of the essay reader's schedules and email addresses.

8.*Publicist* sought for the Berkeley Book of College Essays. I have 
been working at distributing the book in a number of ways.  I would love 
to consult pro bono with a publicist for ideas and help.   If you are 
interested, please get in touch with me at jan at smuseby.net 
<mailto:jan at smuseby.net>.

Thank you,

Janet Huseby

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