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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contactSahib-Amar Khalsa at 
sakk at mindspring.com or Jeanne Schumanat schumannj4 at gmail.com

Would you like to make a difference at BHS?  WriterCoach Connection (WCC 
-- www.writercoachconnection.org 
<http://www.writercoachconnection.org/>) is a rewarding experience 
working one-on-one with students at every level of writing ability on 
their English class writing assignments. In partnership with teachers, 
trained writer coaches help students strengthen their writing and 
thinking skills by giving them constructive feedback, challenging them 
to think more deeply, and building their confidence as writers. The time 
commitment is only 1-2 hours, usually twice per month, _during the 
school day_, beginning in October. This year we're coaching 9th and 10th 
graders in AMPS; 9th graders in CAS; and 11th graders in Green Academy!

Coaching is fun and satisfying --- /"This is a program that was well 
conceived, is well run, and is delivering results. I'm proud to be a 
part of it,"/ says one coach.

You don't need to be a writer or teacher --- WCC coaches are parents, 
college students, working and retired people of all backgrounds, 
ethnicities, and ages. Our in-depth training will give you strategies 
and practice to work effectively with students, including your own.  If 
you can't coach, please tell a friend or neighbor who might be 
interested.*Please note that all coaching sessions take place during 
class time.***We work with students in their English classes on a 
variety of writing projects.

Training sessions are now under way. For the complete training schedule 
or more information, go to www.writercoachconnection.org 
<http://www.writercoachconnection.org/> (click on "Volunteer"). Or 
contact site coordinators Sahib-Amar Khalsa (sakk at mindspring.com 
<mailto:sakk at mindspring.com>) or Jeanne Schuman (schumanj4 at gmail.com 
<mailto:schumanj4 at gmail.com>).

Sahib-Amar Khalsa & Jeanne Schuman, BHS Co-Site Coordinators
WriterCoach Connection
(510) 237-6963 (Sahib-Amar Khalsa)

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