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NASA Opportunities in Visualization, Art, and Science (NOVAS) is a free
NASA-sponsored program for high school students at the YMCA-PG&E Teen Center
in Downtown Berkeley directly across the street from BHS. The program
explores NASA science through art, and also highlights how art and
visualizations are used by scientists. Our workshop participants use digital
media, graphic design, Photoshop, video production tools, as well as fine
arts to visualize concepts from astronomy and space science. They'll also
engage in hands-on, fun activities involving NASA missions, black holes,
supernova explosions, dark matter, climate science, the search for life on
other planets, along with a couple of exciting field trips to actual
research labs.


The program will take place from 10am - 4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays from July 8 - 26, 2013. Note: NOVAS is free for participants,
including supplies, lunch & snacks, and field trip transportation.


The link to our flyer and application form is at
http://www.nasanovas.org/about-novas. I've also attached it to this email.
Please note that Parent Signatures are NOT required at this time for emailed
applications. And although the application form has this Friday as a
deadline, any applicants from BHS will get a one week extension.  If you
have questions about the program, please don't hesitate to ask.


Thanks much!


Dan Zevin

On behalf of the entire NOVAS team: http://www.nasanovas.org/staff 


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