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Hi Folks,


We are super proud  that our Jazz musicians have really been shining a sweet
spotlight on Berkeley High in some important circles lately (Monterey, Reno,
Downbeat Magazine). Go Jazz Jackets!


But wait, there is more!  The other musical Jackets performed four entire
programs on Saturday April 27 at the El Cerrito CMEA (California Music
Educators Association) Band and Orchestra festival and all came out winners.
This is the first time ever that four BHS groups have performed at a CMEA
festival. Over 150 musicians from Berkeley High played at this festival over
the course of the day. 


Let me break it down for you.

1.         Chamber Strings, our premiere string ensemble that meets at 7:23
daily, earned highest marks from all the judges: a Unanimous Superior.

2.         Chamber Winds, our premiere wind ensemble that meets at 7:23
daily, earned 3 Superiors and one Excellent: a Superior.

3.         Concert Band, our first period, intermediate band, earned 3
Excellents and one Superior.

4.         Concert Orchestra, our first period, intermediate orchestra,
earned 4 Excellents.


In our first year of separating our musicians into intermediate and advanced
groups the advantages of this articulated curriculum have been many,
including these accomplishments at CMEA. This is another example of what can
happen with exceptional community support for the arts. 


Thank you for everything you do to encourage our young musicians at Berkeley
High School. 



Karen Wells and Mary Dougherty



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