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Berkeley High student Jeannel Poyaoan has been selected by KPIX's "Students Rising Above" scholarship program, which is a combination of financial and direct mentoring support. 

This is really a great scholarship. A previous BHS student Lilly Dorman-Colby who was selected,  was the BUSD Student Director on the Board of Education and is currently doing law school at Cal, after four years at Yale. She is still connected with KPIX's Wendy Tokuda and the program. The program has provided Lilly with financial support and a mentoring network that provides much of the support a student would normally get from their family; from an adult to ask advice to a family to be with for the holidays, housing during breaks as well as summer job support. There's a group of Yale alumni women and a local writer who still call themselves "Lilly's Angels". That's the kind of support that Jeannel has to look forward to.

Like all of KPIX's Students Rising Above recipients, Jeannel is a very special person, and her story is one you'll want to be sure to see. Students Rising Above usually become shooting stars, so expect to hear more from her in the future.

 Jeannel's Air Dates on KPIX Channel 5:
Friday 12/14 on the 6pm news
Saturday 12/15 on the weekend morning news
Monday 12/17 on the noon news

it'll be on cbssf.com after that.

Mark Coplan, Public Information Officer
Berkeley Unified School District
510-644-6320 Cell: 510-472-3811

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