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Seniors who are applying to colleges that are not on the Common Application:
please review this reminder for document submission guidelines*

If the college does not use the Common Application:
- Download the required form (secondary school report) from the college
- Complete a "Transcript Request Form" (available from the BHS Registrar's
Office in D173) and sign it.  If you are under 18, the parent or guardian
must sign.
- Paper-clip the Transcript Request Form and the college's form to a large
manila envelope addressed to the college, with the Berkeley High School
address as the return address.  Put on $1.30 in postage (that is the large
envelope 3 oz. rate).
- Turn in all the large manila envelopes to the College and Career Center
ASAP for those applying Early Decision/Early Action (the original deadline
to turn these in was Oct. 4) and by November 2 for those applying regular
admission.  Attach the College Application Checklist (available at the
College and Career Center) to the front of the envelopes.  

Completing forms for schools that only require an official transcript and
not a Counselor Recommendation:
Submit the following forms to the Registrar in room D173:
- A signed transcript request form for each college.  If you are under 18,
your parent or guardian must sign it.
- Clip each transcript request from to a stamped business-size envelope
addressed to the college with Berkeley High School as the return address.
Clip all forms and envelopes together.  

*Remember, CSU's and UC's do not require letters of recommendation for
admission purposes.  CSU's usually request transcripts, but they do so
individually and they do not all have the same deadlines.  UC's will
traditionally request official transcripts in the spring, from students who
are accepted to their university.  It is important to check your email
accounts frequently.  


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