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Dear BHS Families:
We are pleased to be back in session and are deeply appreciative of the student cooperation that we witnessed during a smooth and positive opening of school.

As a staff we look forward to ongoing partnerships between families, the school, and students and are advocating consistent reinforcement both at school and at home where behavior expectations are concerned.

While last year saw some diminishing of the unpleasant pseudo-tradition known as "Freshman Fridays," we are still concerned enough to want to be very proactive around the issue and make it completely clear that any behavior that can be construed as bullying or hazing towards any member of the school community, and in particular towards our newest and youngest members, will have clear and firm consequences.

Any student who is found to be throwing eggs, any other objects, or directing any other type of hazing or inappropriate verbal abuse towards any member of the school community will receive non-negotiable consequences.

To be clear, any student found to be throwing eggs, in possession of eggs, or in any other way aiding or being a party to bullying or hazing another student at Berkeley High SchooI will receive a 5-day suspension.

Experience has already shown BHS administrators that those involved in this behavior in previous years, deeply regretted, if not their initial actions, then at least the impact of missing a week of school at the beginning of the semester; in light of this we are asking families to have that conversation with students tonight and encourage that reflection before rather than after the fact.

While it is not our preference to start the year with stern warnings about behavior, this is an issue that we believe factors significantly enough into the realms of student safety and school culture that we are adopting and communicating a hard line.

Hopefully this message will not detract from the fact that our students were tremendous during the opening day of school, but for the small percentage of students who may be contemplating what we believe is a very poor decision, and one that constitutes hazing and bullying in our eyes, we believe we need to be abundantly clear.

All families can also expect to receive an additional message regarding the matter from our Dean of Students, Ardarius McDonald, later this evening.

Thank you in advance and welcome back.

Pasquale Scuderi
Berkeley High School 

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