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 Below are important clarifications for incoming student Math Placement.
Please note, the information below does not apply to currently enrolled
(9-11th grade) BHS students.

1.* King, Longfellow and Willard* students will *not* take a standard math
test.  The placement will be based on class work and regular tests as well
as teacher recommendation. However, King, Longfellow and Willard students
who want to take Honors at the high school must take an Honors test after
school. Longfellow April 12; Willard April 16; King, April 17.  *For Honors
Math test, please bring a scientific calculator*.

2. *New-to-BUSD student*s must take a standard test (one hour long) math
placement test. If they wish to take Honors Math, they must take an
additional 45 minute Honors test offered immediatly after the standard
test.   The standard (and Honors) test will be offered on April 10, April
18 and May 9 at 3 p.m. in the BHS library.  There is no need to sign up
ahead of time.  *No calculator for standard test.  For Honors, please bring
a scientific calculator*. Everyone bring pencils.

 Below is the original posting with corrections.
1. *Math placement will be determined by teacher recommendation, grades in
current math class, and, for new-to-BUSD students, a math placement test*.
All students who are interested in enrolling in an honors math level will
take an additional honors math test. The general test for new-to-BUSD is
approximately one hour long. The honors math test is an additional 45
minutes. Please bring a scientific calculator for the Honors test.

 2. New-to-BUSD students will take both the general test and the honors
test in the Berkeley High School library on April 10, April 18, or May 9 at
3 p.m. There is no need to sign up for the test. Please bring a scientific
calculator for the Honors test.

3. The honors test will be offered after school for current BUSD middle
school students on April 12 (Longfellow), April 16 (Willard) and April 17
(King). Please bring a scientific calculator for the Honors test.

 4. *Content on the Math Placement Test:* the Algebra content covered by
the placement test is the California content standards for Algebra 1 which
can be found online at:

*http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/ sr/documents/rtqalg1.pdf


5. *Teacher recommendation for math placement*:  King, Willard and
Longfellow students do not have to ask their teacher to submit a
recommendation.  The teachers will do so automatically.  We are asking New
to BUSD students to forward the link below to their child’s current math
teacher in order to fill out a short questionnaire and to make a math
placement  recommendation:


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