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Dear BHS Community Members,

For several years the ASB leadership team has conducted "Week of Service" events, and now we've expanded the focus on service to the entire month of March.  The motto for the month takes from JFK's famous quote to say: "Ask not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community."   

We want you to know what is planned so you might talk with your student about getting involved.  Below is a list of campaigns and major events.  Also occurring will be workshops or presentations 


CAMPAIGN #1: Service-a-Thon:  If you would like the materials to help your student participate, please contact Chris Young.  We are encouraging students to participate in a Service-a-Thon as a way to reflect on not only the personal development value of volunteer service but that it is economically and socially valued by people other than those being directly served.  

Money raised will support BHS Student Activities, which seeks to build a scholarship fund given to students by students, to support an urban schools student leadership conference (more details below), to help cover the cost of guest speakers and workshops, to run effective achievement, attendance, and school safety campaigns, to provide financial support for service club projects and several other noble causes.  

CAMPAIGN #2: One Dollar for Life - The idea here is that every student realizes they can have a significant impact helping others by simply donating one dollar.  If the entire BHS community of students each donates one dollar then we will have provided enough money to build a computer lab at a girls' school in Kenya or a birthing center in Nepal.  The experience helps build community, and includes connecting with people in the Kenya and Nepal through pictures and correspondence.

CAMPAIGN #3: "Bottle of Gold" - During the last week of March students can carry a clear plastic bottle of water with some dirt in it meant to provoke questions from other students.  The dirty water is a symbol of the fact that nearly one billion people on Earth do not have access to clean water, and even the little water they do have can be seen as precious.

CAMPAIGN #4: Global Awareness Posters - Several large-sized posters about major global issues such as poverty, education, or violence against women will be posted around the school.  Information on the posters will include key facts, a story of a person affected and ways to get involved in addressing the issue.


EVENT #1: Tuesday, March 6 - Month of Service Kick-Off Assembly in the Little Theater.  Students will learn about the importance of service, several issues that will be focused on for the month, campaigns and service opportunities for the month in which they can participate.

EVENT #2: Wednesday, March 7 - Service Fair on the Campus Green, including several food booths at lunch.  Several outside service organizations and student clubs focused on service will be on the campus green to spread awareness about the issues they focus on and provide service opportunities.  Various student clubs will also sell food and other items at lunch.  

EVENT #3 - Tuesday, March 20: The First Annual Bay Area Urban Schools Student Leadership Conference.  Several area schools will be sending delegations of student leaders to start building a community of student leaders, prioritize issues to be focused on for collaborative projects, and to make a resolution statement to be released to the media.  

Thank you,

Quan Tran, ASB Chief of Service
Eli Wallach, ASB Treasurer/Chief of Fundraising
Flora Ziprin, ASB President
Chris Young, Director of Student Activities

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