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Below are the minutes of the 2/9/12 meeting of the BHS Construction Committee with the most recent updates on all construction projects at BHS. 


February 8, 2012


Facilities Site Committee Meeting #3


Present: Kristin Glenchur, Roy Meisner, Pasquale Scuderi, Bob Fawson, Adam Edell, Bill Gaebler, Beebo Turman, Leah Sokolofski


I.      Intro

II.    Add to agenda – garden

III.  Staff Updates

a.    Training Room: June, 2008 approved plan

                  i.        Evolution of plan – there was a basement/ground floor

                 ii.        Tradeoffs – storage on bottom floor, training on top – elevator to 2nd floor is avail.

b.    Update on Stadium– Bob: Prebid conf (bob) for Phase II took place today, set to bid on March 14th, sent out rec on prebid bidders, goes to board for approval on 2/22.Award of Phase II and III goes May 11 on board agenda. 9 bidders for prequal.

                      i.        On schedule except for PGE is not ready to hook up. This means finishes won’t be added until heat is hooked up. Contractor will put temp heat in so project won’t be held up, but we can’t take the building until the heat is hooked up.

                     ii.        Contractor gave a district a date – 8 wks out from today for PGE to come. We need to finalize elevator and other systems to get into building – May 19th is still what we’re pushing for.

                    iii.        Soundsystem – not part of the project – Plan to reconnect old system – trying to put it into the plan, potentially as part of the scoreboard.

                   iv.        Furnishings – 10 days ago identified what would be in buildings – get a list out to coaches re: what is in coaches room and call for coaches to come together in the next month.

c.    Schedule another tour: two or three week notice, doesn’t have to be Friday. Another tour similar to the last

d.    Garden presentation: drawing presentation of proposal for raised beds along Bancroft St. 

                      i.        Educational value: Urban ag, cooking, culture. – currently working mainly w/ Grn Acad. – internships etc. This would allow more production and would allow expansion of food program.

1.      What long term streams would we have to keep it being used over time – 2-3 yrs

2.      If this is a facilities adjustment, how can this be sustained?

3.      Off line conversation w/ site educators to see what long-term sustainability of this program

4.      Kristin to meet w/ Adam Edell and update to committee on April 11.

                     ii.        Maintenance Plan – what would it be?

                    iii.        Technical issues – would easement, sustainability of the program – next steps, collect questions from site

IV.          Meeting schedule;

a.    March 7th – science lab architect meeting took place and in process of hiring.


V.            Adjournment – 5:31 pm



Kristin Glenchur
Vice-Principal, Berkeley High School


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