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This is #5 of the weekly BHS Construction Reports providing the most
accurate information from BUSD Facilities and BHS Administration:


BHS Site Construction Committee:  

.           Applications to be on the site committee closed November 10.
Richard Ng will be in contact with selected committee members by end of this

.           The first meeting of the committee will set up the week of
November 28th.  It will be the responsibility of committee members to bring
concerns from and communicate information to their constituencies.  Contact
information for committee members will be provided in the next report.

.           The objectives of the Site Construction Committee are to provide
parents, faculty, staff, and community members with accurate, up-to-date
information from the BUSD, and its design and construction consultants and
to provide central administration with information and input from parents,
faculty, staff, and community members who are interested in the BHS
construction project.  This committee will not consider any new construction
or provide input on the design of the existing projects.


South of Bancroft Construction Report:  

.           Phase I -The project is expected to be completed by the opening
of next school year.

.           Phase II  

.                     The Board has approved pre-qualification of
contractors for Phase 2. 

.                     The demolition of the Old Gym is targeted for this

.                     Phase II includes the demolition of the Old Gym, the
old home bleachers and addition of smaller visitors bleachers on the west
side, building of the new classroom/gyms building, landscape improvements
throughout the South of Bancroft project, a new athletic scoreboard, and
other site improvements. 

.           Derby Field Project

.           The plans have been submitted to the Division of State Architect
(DSA). The project is on a very tight timeline but is still scheduled for
completion in February 2013. 


Berkeley Community Theatre

.           Scheduled completion is end of this month.

.           There might be a few changes after the current contract is
complete:  possible follow-up issues may be minor changes to address the
light in the vestibule, possible changes to the front railing, possible
additional minor painting, possible new (top) railing, and probable cut in
curb to allow better stage access.


Other Construction updates:

The Board approved hiring an architect and project manager for replacing the
roofs on the Berkeley Community Theatre and G Building and replacing some
flooring and painting in the G Building this summer.


Kristin Glenchur
Vice-Principal, Berkeley High School



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