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Greetings from OCI,

Below is some information on theft prevention. It's important to OCI that we equip our community with common sense tips to prevent theft and loss. Remember that BHS is a public place, like many others. Students and staff should never leave their valuables unattended. If an item is lost or stolen, report it to OCI at your convenience. If you or a student is robbed, report it to OCI and/ or the police department immediately. 

Tips for keeping your stuff yours

When using lockers..
o   Use the strongest lock you can afford.
o   Don’t use lockers as cubbyholes, they’re called lockers because they need to be locked to be effective.
o   Use additional locks in the PE locker room.
o   Ask for a new locker if yours is damaged.

When in class..
o    Do not leave items on your desk and put your backpack under your seat to make it harder for people to go through it without being noticed.
o   Take your things with you if you leave the room, or have one person you trust look after them.
o    Do not leave anything unattended.
o   Do not charge your devices in class.

In general..
o    Treat the school like any other public place (imagine the BART station or a busy shopping mall)
o    Keep items in front pockets to prevent pick pocketing, do not put anything in your backpack.
o    Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
o    Don’t give your phone or ipod to a person you do not trust.
o    Report losses and thefts to OCI (H104).

David Luu
On Campus Intervention
BHS intercom 18-140

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