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Dear BHS Families and Staff:

Just after dismissal this afternoon a group of young people were involved in an altercation in Civic Center Park. BHS Safety Officers intervened and Berkeley PD was notified as individuals leaving the scene possibly included non-students.

Thus far the only information we can confirm is that a fight between two male middle school students occurred sometime before 3:30 somewhere off of the BHS campus. 

Just after 3:30 p.m., following dismissal, both of the parties involved in that altercation were present in Civic Center Park across the street from BHS. 

A second altercation then occurred between one of the middle school students and a group of young people that may have included BHS students and non-students. BHS Safety Staff responded immediately and contacted BPD.

There were no weapons involved and no one was seriously injured; however, BHS staff did request precautionary medical assistance for minor injuries to one of the middle school students that we believe were sustained in the off-campus altercation prior to our dismissal. That individual was soon released to his parents.

After considerable investigation from police officers and BHS staff, BPD detained the second middle school student and then detained two BHS students suspected of being involved with the second altercation in the park after dismissal. Those students were taken in to custody and their parents were notified. 

The incident is still being looked into and we will continue to assist BPD and our middle school partners in terms of reviewing and addressing the situation, and also by dealing administratively with any BHS students who were in fact involved in any aspect of the conflict. 

We thought it would be helpful to give you the details we have at the present time. 

The presence of multiple police cars and emergency vehicles near the campus after school is understandably always a concern for staff and families. In light of that we will always endeavor to provide you with information that cuts down on the rumors, the speculation, and hopefully some of the anxiety. 


Pasquale Scuderi

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