[BHS Etree] ADMIN/VOLUNTEERS- Help urgently needed Thursday morning with Tdap campaign (Sept. 29)

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PLEASE do not reply to this email, contact Janet Huseby, jhuseby at pacbell.net

As of Monday afternoon roughly 480 BHS students were still without proof of immunization for pertussis (whooping cough) or Dtap as it is known.  Starting Thursday, students without the immunization will not be allowed to attend classes.  Those students will be isolated in the Little Theater while the administration continues to work at contacting parents to obtain permission to have the students immunized at our Health Center. We are hoping to have four or five parents who can act as runners between the Health Center and the Little Theater and to generally assist the administration in their effort.   If you can help, please contact Janet Huseby at jhuseby at pacbell.net

The 480 students are down from almost 700 early last week. 

THIS WEDNESDAY (9/28), groups of students remaining on the list will be again contacted personally by staff with follow-up calls directly to the parents with the objective of getting those remaining students to show up on THURSDAY, September 29, at 8:30 a.m. in the Little Theater with either proof of immunization, proof of a valid exemption, OR a signed consent form that allows them to access the shot that morning.

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