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Excerpts from a letter to the candidates and the election results:


"The most powerful message of this campaign season was overwhelmingly that
students at BHS are feeling increasingly empowered and are going to take
serious action to make our school community and the world a better place."



Here are the confirmed election results and messages as they are posted on
<http://www.berkeleyhighleadership.com/> berkeleyhighleadership.com:



Sophomore Class President: Tehan Ketema

Sophomore Class Vice President: Alexis Myrie


Junior Class President: Momo Aledlah

Junior Class Vice President*: Jalena Keane-Lee


Senior Class President: G'bari Gilliam

Senior Class Vice President**: Jamiah King


*Because there were no candidates for Junior Class Vice President, the
second-place finisher in the presidential race is offered the position.  She
can accept or decline by the end of Tuesday, May 24.  If she declines the
office is offered to the next runner-up.

**Jamiah King ran unopposed.  Approximately 94% of ballots were marked for
her, versus abstentions.  She wins the office by vote of confidence.




School Site Council (SSC): The top six vote-getters win seats on the SSC and
the seventh-place finisher is the first alternate.  All seven win seats on
the student senate.

1. Alyssa Pace

2. Cooper Walton

3. Alex Flood-Bryzman

4. Jasmine Miller

5. Eli Burch

6. Eli Davey

7. Shira Rothman


Berkeley Schools Excellence Project (BSEP): The top five vote-getters win
seats on the BSEP committee and the sixth through tenth place finishers are
alternates.  All twelve win seats on the student senate.

1. Celina Espinoza

2. Marina Franco

3. Clover Brown

4. Fred Callaway

5. Julia Murphy

6. Kyle Daniels

7. Amelia Archer

8. Lily Bowman

9. Adam Chazin-Gray

10. Alix Feinsod

11. Hesham Muthana

12. Jose Ambriz


School Board Representative: The top vote-getter is the School Board
Representative and wins a seat on the student senate.  The first and second
runners-up win seats on the student senate.

1. Maddie Roberts

2. Leslie Gonzalez

3. Sofi Cullen




Chief of Social Activities: Donntay Moore-Thomas

Chief of Service: Quan Tran

ASB Vice President: Reed Urmann

ASB President: Flora Ziprin




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