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Academic Choice needs YOU!

Please consider joining the parent leadership team.


- You want to know how BHS functions.

- You want to help improve the program.


Your voice can make a difference.


The ACAC (Academic Choice Advisory Council) is a collaborative body that
works together to support Academic Choice students and their learning

It is like a PTSA, but just for AC.  It consists of:

5 elected parent representatives,

5 teacher reps, 5 student reps, and one administrator.

The 5 parent reps will be elected at the AC Spring General Meeting on
Thursday May 19th, 7pm in the BHS Library.


Elected reps should be able to make one daytime meeting per month.  These
are historically before or after school and are currently from 4-5:30pm.
Most other work can be done on your schedule.


Specific roles within the ACAC include: Chair, Secretary, and Parent

Other important parent roles/committees include:

Treasurer, Fundraising, Outreach, Student Support, Teacher Liaison,
Webmaster, Student Leadership, Event Coordinator/Community Building, AC
Identity, Communication, etc, or Liaison to various other school committees
like BSEP, SSC and the Development Group.


You can work on the area/s that interest you most.  Some of these jobs only
require a couple of hours per month. Others may take more time. 


We want to represent all members of the community. What will you contribute
to the future of AC?


Please contact Lawrence Grown lawrence at metrolighting.com
<x-msg://1156/lawrence@metrolighting.com>  for more information or to submit
your name for leadership.


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