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Below you will find the following:
A. General AP/IB instructions and parking information
B. A complete list of proctors (with venues for the first day only).  I
will post the remaining venues as soon as I receive them. 
C. Specific instructions for IB proctors (after the proctoring schedule.)
However, before I go any further I wish to salute the amazing community
(that is all of you) for the support and care you are extending to our
Berkeley High students. They are fortunate to have you. Thank you for
A.  General AP/IB instructions and parking information
1. Venues. I have only been given the first day's venues. And, even for
the first day I have only the general exam room not the extended time. I
will post venues completely when I get them. You will find the schedule
further on this email. Please check out your name to make sure I have put
you in correctly. This is important as I have already made several
mistakes.  Wherever the venue is, please bring a sweater. The rooms can be
2. Proctors should report directly to their designated venue. Once there,
please sign in and get a volunteer badge. Please write your name on the
3.  A number of tests have extended time. ET students have qualified for
double time or time and a half. Because the timing is different they take
their exam in a different location. I have assigned all ET reliefs (that
is starting at 11:45 a.m.) but not the proctors for the morning extended.
I will randomly ask proctors as they arrive if they can take the ET kids.
If you end up in a conference room proctoring these students, you will
want something to read. Everyone should bring something to read just in
4. AP proctors will check students in, distribute student exams, walk up
and down, collect exams. There will be a paid administrator in each exam.
IB proctor instructions-slightly different--are below the roster.
5. Parking. Last year Berkeley High lost over 150 parking spots due to the
construction of a new field house on the east side of the football field.
Many teachers are no longer able to park at Berkeley High. Cars parked in
the teachers lots without passes ARE towed. I am very sorry, but I cannot
give out any parking passes as there are none.  Even substitute teachers
do not get passes.  If you are unable to take public transit or walk,
there are paid lots in the downtown area or street parking west of
B. Complete list of Proctors and incomplete list of venues.  Please note
almost all proctoring slots have been filled.  EXCEPT, I need one more
proctor, Thursday, May 12 at 7:30 for AP Economics.  

Monday, May 2

AM AP 7:30 a.m. Chemistry (5 proctors including one extended time) Jacket

Erica Altobelli

Donna Ruotolo

            Debbie Potter

            Tom Portante 

            John Hershey


AM AP 7:30 a.m. Environmental Science (5 proctors including extended time
) Donahue Gym

            Avril Saldanha

            Candida Silva

            Perry Smith

            Karin Bliman

            Betsy Wahls



PM 11:45 a.m. Extended Time relief Chem./Environmental  venue? Look for
Janet at the front desk for the location. 

Lexine Alpert


Tuesday, May 3

AM AP Computer Science (1 proctor needed)

               David Walton


AM AP Spanish Language (6 proctors needed including extended time)

               Jill Martin

               Teal Major

               Lina Lamirande

               Lee Miltier

               Laurie Senauke

               Sandy McCoy


AM IB English HL Paper 1 and English SL paper 1 (5 proctors needed)

               Deborah Moore

               Perry Smith

               Karah Dunlap-Chaver

               Dawn Morris 

   Kathy Kim



PM one proctor needed to finish up the extended time Spanish Lit

               Stina Charles-Harris


PM AP Art History (2 proctor needed including one for extended time) 

               Diana Rossi

               Claire Sherman


Wednesday, May 4

AM AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC (4 proctors needed)

               Bettina Johnson

               Monika Koch

   Amy Loebl

   Jill Wild


PM AP Chinese Language and Culture (1 proctor needed)

               Margaret H. McGee


PM IB Math HL Paper 1 and IB Math SL Paper 1 and IB Math Studies Paper 1
(3 proctors needed)

               John Dalrymple

               Marilee Bailey

               Fern Royce


Thursday, May 5

AM IB Math HL Paper 2 and IB Math SL Paper 2 and Math Studies Paper 2 (3
proctors needed)

               Irene Sullenberger

               David Walton

               Laurie Slama


AM AP English Composition and Literature (5 proctors needed including one
for extended time)

               Tom Portante

               Karah Dunlap-Chaver

               Deborah Jordan

               Linda Safarik-Tong

               Fred Huxley


PM (11:45) Extended time proctor to finish the English composition and



PM AP Latin (1 proctor needed)

               Maureen Katz


PM Music SL Paper 1 (no proctors needed)


Friday, May 6

AM AP US History (7 proctors needed including one for extended time, one
for computer accommodation)

Christine Johnston

Maggie McGee

Jennifer Milliken

Susan Wight

John Hershey

            Laura Klein

            Jennifer Villeneuve


AM AP Studio Art (1 proctor needed)

               Laura Clara


PM History  to finish extended time 

Lina Lamirande 


Monday, May 9

AM AP Biology (4 proctors needed including one for extended time)

               Bobbie Rose

               Susan Wolf

               Jane Perry

               Laurie Kahn        


AM AP Music Theory (1 proctor needed)

David Walton


AM IB Math HL Paper 3 (1 proctor needed)

               Susan Wight


PM IB Chemistry SL Paper 1 and 2 (1 proctor needed) 

               Judith Bliss


PM AP Physics (3 proctors needed including one for extended time)

               Panda Hershey

      Hilary Hoynes

      Tina Sun


PM AP Bio extended time (one proctor) 



Tuesday, May 10

AM IB Chemistry SL Paper 3 (no proctors needed)


AM AP US Government (5 proctors needed including one for extended time) 

Raissa Lerner  

Jill Martin

Teal Major

Irene Sullenberger

Debbie Potter  


PM AP French Language (1 proctor needed)

               Lina Lamirande


PM one proctor to finish up extended time for US Government

               April Tanalski


PM IB English HL and English SL Paper 2 (5 proctors needed)

               Deborah Moore

               Susan Wolf

               Lee Miltier

               Lori Onderwyzer

               Eric Broque


Wednesday, May 11

AM AP English Language and Composition (6 proctors needed including an
extended time, plus computer accom. )

               Christa Rybczynski 

               Lina Lamirande

               Lucinda Sikes

               Bobbie Rose

               Bill Burmester

               Teresa Olson


PM finish up Extended time (1 proctor) 

               Kristen Jensen


PM AP Statistics (3 proctors needed including computer accommodation. )

               Fern Royce

               Stina Charles-Harris

               Margit Birge


PM IB Physics HL Papers 1 and 2 (2 proctor needed including an extended

               Catherine Cheyette

               Laurie Kahn


Thursday, May 12

AM IB Physics HL Paper 3 (1 proctor needed)

               Karah Dunlap-Chaver


AM AP Macroeconomics (7 proctors needed including one extended time, one
computer accommodation)

               Susan Wight 

               Julia Chinn

               Dwight Wilson

Tricia Kerr

Gregory Lewis

Marjorie Alvord


AM AP World History (2 proctor needed including one extended time)

               Lily Hamrick

               Margaret Carter


PM extended time for Economics and Physics (1proctor) 

               Lexine Alpert


PM IB History HL and SL papers 1 and 2 (5 proctors needed)

               John Hershey

               Laurie Kahn

               Cameron Mitchell

               Shelly Kodimer

               Jeanne Schuman               


Friday, May 13

AM IB History HL paper 3 (5 proctors needed)

               Eve Hershcopf

               Donna Storey

               Susan Wolf

               Caryn Augst

               Diane Tsuji


AM AP Spanish Literature (1 proctor needed)

               Maureen Katz


PM IB Mandarin SL and Kiswahili SL papers 1 and 2 (1 proctor needed) 

               Christine Johnston


Monday, May 16

PM IB Economics SL Paper 1 (3 proctors needed)

               Sandy Grayson

               Panda Hershey

               John Hershey


PM IB Latin HL and SL  paper 1 (1 proctor needed) 

               Sandra Hudson


Tuesday, May 17

AM IB Economics SL Paper 2 (3 proctors needed)

               Jim Nageotte

               Leann Petersen

               David Walton 


AM IB Latin HL and SL paper 2 (1 proctor needed)

               Jonathan Bielak


Wednesday, May 18

AM IB Spanish B HL and SL Papers 1 and 2 (3 proctors needed)

               Melanie Curry

               Laurie Kahn

               Susi Jensen


PM IB Biology SL papers 1 and 2 (3 proctors needed)

               Sandy Grayson

      Melissa Alden

      Barbara Steuart


Thursday, May 19

AM IB Biology SL paper 3 (no proctors needed)


Monday, May 23 (school holiday)

AM French B HL and SL papers 1 and 2 (1 proctor needed) 

               Erica Altobelli


C. Specific IB instructions
Berkeley High School
International Baccalaureate Program Proctor Instructions -
Before the Test
Please read over the Conduct of Examinations, Notice to Candidates to be
posted separately as an attachment.
Please arrive 15  minutes (8 a.m.) before the beginning of the testing
session. There are many tasks which need to be completed before the
students enter the room, and we can ensure that we stay on time if
proctors are there to help in the preparation.
Setting up Examination Room
Desks and tables will typically be set up before the session when you
arrive, but as there are always unforeseen circumstances, we need to be
ready to help set up as well.
   1. Examination cover sheets must be places at each testing place in the
   2. Scratch paper, two sheets of official IB examination paper, and a
string tab (on necessary tests) needs to be placed at each seat.
   3. Students should be in alphabetical order by last name outside the
exam room.
Entering the Examination Room
   1. When students enter they need to show their students ID with photo
(class of 2011).
   2. Students must enter quietly and find their examination place.
Students will sit in alphabetical order, with a few exceptions as noted by
the coordinator.
   3. Students must put their backpack in the front of the room and not by
their desk or table. Their cell phones must be turned off completely and
never taken out during the exam.
   4. Students are allowed to bring water, pencils, pens, erasers, and a
watch to their seat. On certain tests, students are allowed to have a
During the Examinations
1. The examination room must remain silent during the duration of the
2. Proctors are allowed to escort one student at a time to the bathroom.
Students are not allowed to take anything with them to the bathroom.
Students are allowed to bring water, pencils, pens, erasers, and a watch
to their seat. On certain tests, students are allowed to have a
3. Proctors need to circulate through the room, watching students to
ensure that they are not looking at their neighbor's work. It is helpful
to wear quiet shoes, so the students are not distracted.
4. Ensure that silent conditions are maintained. Students are only allowed
to speak after they have raised their hand and a proctor is next to them.
5. Post the start and end time of the examination. Post when the students
have 30 minutes left, 15 minutes left, and 5 minutes left.
6. During certain exams there is a 15 minutes break between two different
parts. After the exam materials have been collected, students are allowed
to talk during their break.
After the examination
1. Students must stay seated as exams are collected. Exams, extra paper,
and reading booklets must all be collected.
2. Please check to make sure that students have used the tabs to connect
all exam papers together, and that they have filled out their cover sheet.
3. Students are allowed to speak after all tests have been collected.
4. Exams need to be placed in numerical order based on the student session
5. The examination papers need to be placed into the designated envelopes,
but not sealed.
Those of you who have proctored before know that the testing sessions can
be tense and students can be nervous. Your job is to remind students of
the rules - they often need gentle reminders. If a student refuses to
cooperate, please contact me. I will be present in most of the exams
myself, but there are times where I need to circulate between two places.
In any emergency, proctors can contact me on my cell phone which will be
posted in the testing session. Thank you so much for agreeing to help with
exams this year. We absolutely couldn't do it without you!!! Please let me
know if any of the above is unclear, or you have other questions that have
not been addressed.
Ashley Milton
IB Coordinator

Janet Huseby

BHS Volunteer Coordinator

jhuseby at pacbell.net 



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