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Due to limited staffing, the First Aid program at the Health Center will be changing hours of operation this year. While the nurse will be available for emergencies, she will no longer be taking First Aid clients during first period. If your student is sick during first period and can’t stay in class, s/he will be sent to the office or OCI to call home. First Aid will open at the beginning of 2nd period. 

Below are the Health Center hours:

Monday – 10am-4pm, closed 4th period (1:00-2:00pm) for lunch

Tuesday – Friday – 8:30am-4:00pm, closed 4th period (12:15-1:15pm) for lunch

*First Aid is closed during first period, except for emergencies

** Health Center is closed 1st and 3rd Wednesdays until 10am for staff meetings

Lisa Sterner, MPH
Director, Berkeley High School Health Center
1980 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA   94704
510.644.2887 (fax)
lsterner at ci.berkeley.ca.us


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