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Tue May 4 19:23:45 PDT 2010

Do not reply to this e-mail, contact Ben Sanoff
[mailto:bsanoff at berkeley.k12.ca.us] 

Hello Berkeley High Community,

This is Ben Sanoff the technology coordinator at Berkeley High. I am
writing because we are looking to expand the number of computers on the
Berkeley High campus. Currently each classroom has a singe teacher
computer but we would like to provide teachers with the option of placing
several student use computers within their classrooms. As you know funds
are limited for new purchases in this time of fiscal crisis.
For this reason we are hoping your organization or business would consider
donating your used computers to Berkeley High. We would then refurbish
these computers so that they were optimized to work on our network and
distribute them to classrooms. Despite being older machines this would
allow us to increase student access to the internet and further develop
our online learning program at Berkeley High.

To make this process work we do need to establish some ground rules about
what computers can be donated. This is to ensure that our computer
technicians can be efficient in the refurbishment process and that the
computers will meet the expectations of students and staff. If you are
interested in volunteering to help in this process of refurbishment and
helping students learn the skills of a computer technician your
contribution would be much appreciated as well. 

All donations must consist of ten or more of the same machine

For PC's each machine must be able to run Windows XP and / or Vista,
Windows 7. They should have at least 1Gb of ram and have at least a
pentium 4 chip.

For Apple's each machine must be running Tiger (10.5) Leopard and have at
least 1Gb of ram.

Thanks in advance for your support of this important effort to increase
access to computers on the Berkeley High Campus. 

bsanoff at berkeley.k12.ca.us 

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