[BHS Etree] VOLUNTEERS: Mailing help needed, Fri. 3/19

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Wed Mar 17 11:37:53 PDT 2010

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The Front Desk volunteers and any proctors I can press into service are currently working on three different mailings: the PTSA newsletter (originally scheduled to be mailed home last week); a measles warning from the state health department; and the first batch of 8th grade course requests. We hope to have everything in the mail by Friday noon, but it is looking uphill right now. I have reserved the conference room in the Admin. Building for Friday (March 19) morning in the hopes that a few of you will hear my cry for help and come finish the job.

Here is the full story:
1. Only three volunteers came for a short time last week to help Alisa Gould, the PTSA mailing coordinator, get the PTSA newsletter out. It wasn't enough. The front desk has continued the task but it is slow going. The front page of the newsletter is now out of date but the inside still contains good information. We want to send it out.  

2. The Health Center reports that there are four cases of measles in the state of California.  That is triggering a massive mailing with inoculation information in English and Spanish. We are piggybacking the two mailings in order to save postage. The measles information arrived unfolded. I have hauled the boxes down to the BUSD Print shop for folding and will pick them up this afternoon. 

3.  Finally, the partial 8th grade mailing is a complicated one as we must match labels and contents. So far we haven't started but, as stated above, we would like to finish by Friday noon. The 8th grade mailing is partial because not all 8th graders have finished their course selection. I will announce on the etree as each batch goes out so parents can be on the lookout.

I would be happy to have some help! 

Janet Huseby
BHS Volunteer Coordinator

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