[BHS etree] ADMIN: Mailing Explained

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Wed Jan 6 20:26:06 PST 2010

Please do not contact the e-tree; contact Janet Huseby [mailto:jhuseby at pacbell.net]

Thanks to Alisa Gould and her wonderful crew of parent volunteers the January mailing was stuffed, sealed and hauled to the post office on Wednesday afternoon. There are two items in the envelope: the PTSA newsletter and the PowerSchool logins.

1. The newsletter has a fresh look and a new editor: Ramona Dennis. It looks great! Please watch the etree for the next newsletter deadline which is coming up.

2. The PowerSchool login will allow parents to access their child's grades and attendance online starting February 7. Please hang on to your login until then.

Please note, students at Independent Studies did not receive a login but they did receive a newsletter. 

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