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Wed Jan 30 07:56:14 PST 2008

Chris Young [mailto:cyoung at berkeley.k12.ca.us] 

Wow!  1,432 students voted yesterday in the mock election held on
The election results for our school are posted at: 


The results for the entire state (450 schools in the state, 230,000
participated) are posted here:  


Some interesting statistics for comparison!!

- Barack Obama was the overwhelming winner of the presidential primary
with 65.8% of the vote.  A distant second was Hillary Clinton with
16.56% of the vote.  

- Ballot Measure 1 - Should vehicle reg. fees by based in part on
pollution output of vehicle? - YES!

- Ballot Measure 2 - Should every eligible citizen be required to
vote? -
NO!    Note: This is the law in Brazil.  

- Ballot Measure 3 - Should people who use text, IM, social networking
sites to bully/harass be protected under 1st amendment? - NO!

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