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Second Year of "Open Forum"

Open Forum, a confidential therapy group for teens at Berkeley High
will be beginning next week in room H215.  This group is geared for
students who are concerned about their drug or alcohol use and
students are welcome to attend on a voluntary basis--students who
attended regularly last year reported strongly enjoying the group!
The goals are for students to better understand their motivations and
the triggers for drug/alcohol use, develop a repertoire of coping
strategies, and discover alternative ways to get "high" and manage

When:  6th Period, Mondays 
        First meeting: October 1st 
        Room:  H215 
The group will run for 8 weeks, with an option to continue beyond that

Students will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Please
contact Caren Ohlson in room H215 to sign up for the group, or by
phone at 510-644-8987.

Students will be responsible for making up any work they miss for
their class, and are encouraged to speak with their teachers if they
need extra support in this process. 

Sally Cohen, LMFT is in private practice in Berkeley.  She has been
leading groups and doing individual therapy with adolescents for over
20 years.  She has worked throughout the Bay Area and has provided
ongoing consultation to graduate students.

Caren Ohlson, MS/MFCC is the academic counselor for Community
Partnerships Academy.

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