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Dear Parents & Guardians of Incoming BHS Students:

The World Languages placement test for incoming students will take
place on *Saturday,
May 22nd*. The test for students taking a Spanish or Mandarin placement
test will start at 9:30 AM. The test for students taking a French placement
test will start at 11:00 AM.

*Who Should Take This Test?*

   - Students with little or no previous language experience are
   *automatically* placed in level 1. They *DO NOT* need to take this test.
   - Students who have completed two years of the same language in middle
   school will be placed in Level 2. This includes students from within BUSD,
   as well as from private and independent schools.  They *DO NOT* need to
   take this test
   - Students who were in a level at BHS last year, will move on to the
   next logical level, provided they got a passing grade in the previous
   class.  They *DO NOT* need to take this test.
   - Do you want to skip a level? Do you want to start at a level that is
   higher than one of the above automatic placements? *THIS TEST IS FOR YOU
   and you need to register**. *

In order for a student to participate in one of these tests, you must do
the following:

   1. Complete this <https://forms.gle/nYjWBcmaojNXEeacA> registration form
   only once, please. Students who did not not pre-register will *NOT* be
   able to take the test. The registration must be completed by MAY 7.
   2. After you complete the registration, look for a confirmation email
   and the Zoom link by May 15th.
   3. Your student should be prepared to do a one-on-one oral proficiency
   test with a language teacher. They will then receive a link with the
   writing portion of the test. The students will be monitored by a teacher on
   Zoom while they complete the written part.Students will enter the Zoom
   waiting room and will be called on one by one by the moderator to verify
   registration. Depending on the number of people testing, students could be
   in the waiting room for a long time. Be patient. Wait in the room until you
   are invited into the main session.

The placement results will be sent to parents and guardians within five
days. Please have your student be ready to stay on Zoom for approximately
two hours. It will be best if the student uses a computer to take the
placement test. As a reminder, we will use both the oral and written tests
to determine the appropriate placement. Academic dishonesty of any kind
including the use of electronic translators, such as Google Translate, is
*prohibited* and will void results.

*PLEASE NOTE that *students who are unable to attend the May 22nd placement
test will be assessed by their assigned language teacher when the 2021-22
school year starts. Once we receive the results of the placement test, we
will make the recommendation to the counselor. No level changes can happen
before then.


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